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12 Best Streaming Services For Watching Baseball

Baseball streaming services have caught on over the last few years like other sports. With more people on the move than ever before, tuning into a game doesn’t have to be particularly hard. A reliable streaming service will allow people to stay plugged in no matter where they are.

Streaming is also great for those who just want to cut the cable cord forever. Having a chance to stream at home, on the road, at work, or anywhere for that matter makes a difference.

Below is a look at the 10 best options for people to invest in. With a quality streaming service, the game is never too far away.

1. YouTube

YouTube has a game of the week for baseball fans that is free for people to watch anywhere they have an internet connection. This is great news for casual baseball fans who just want to watch games on their terms. The broadcast is great, and there’s a chance to chat along the way.

The website has been doing this as a streaming option for a while now. It helps to introduce the sport to people who might not otherwise get a chance to watch it regularly. It’s something worth checking out and seeing if it is a game worth watching. Being able to quickly tune in and catch a little bit of the game is about as convenient as it can get.

Since YouTube is free, baseball fans need more than this to watch baseball consistently. It’s a nice additional feature on a popular website.

2. Apple TV

A pretty brand new option for baseball fans to check out a different style of broadcast is Apple TV. They borrowed something from YouTube as far as offering a game of the week for fans who might not necessarily watch a lot of baseball in the first place. They can get new fans interested in the game, while giving an alternative streaming option for older fans.

Initially, some people were skeptical that the announcing team would work. It is more of a conversation going on with a game in the background than anything else. While it’s not exactly a traditional broadcast, Apple TV is trying something new and giving people a unique way to watch the game.

Even the camera angles and the way the game is filmed are a little bit different with Apple TV. People should check it out and see for themselves everything they have done to make it different.

3. ESPN+

ESPN has prided itself on being the source for sports since its launch. They’ve been covering baseball for a long time, and that contract continues. ESPN+ is an excellent way to tune into games.

It is a pretty small investment overall, which is great for people who are already paying for other streaming services. While the baseball content might not be outstanding by itself, it’s great for the overall sports fan who wants a little bit of everything.

4. Hulu

Hulu has live sports indeed, just as their advertising says. Fox, TNT, and TBS all cover plenty of baseball throughout the year. There’s also the option of adding ESPN Deportes for an additional charge per month. Few streaming services offer this option, but some baseball fans will love it.

They have some of the best cloud DVR options in the game as well. It’s a perfect option for people who want to have a streaming service that will carry a lot of variety with their content. Most people who have Hulu with live TV don’t need anything else to complement the service.

5. YES Network

Fans of 29 of the 30 teams won’t find the YES Network to be a quality streaming option at all. However, Yankee fans pretty much need the YES Network to stay locked in with their team throughout the year.

The New York Yankees are the most popular team in baseball history, and that’s not about to change anytime soon. If other teams could successfully run their channel, they would. Even during the offseason, there are ways to stay plugged into the Yankees and watch some classic games along the way.

6. Sling TV

Sling’s a great option for people who want to stay up-to-date with ESPN, MLB Network, and FS1. There’s a three-day trial for those who want to give them a try for the first time, but most people fall in love with it if it provides everything they want at the right price point.

With Sling TV, people can watch on any type of computer, Android and iOS devices, and a slew of other options as well. consider it another streaming option that pretty much covers everything a person can think of.

7. DIRECTV Stream

DIRECTV Stream is great since it now covers regional sports networks for nearly every MLB team. They also have local Fox channels in most parts of the country. That takes care of some of the harder parts of watching baseball regularly.

Subscribers always have access to ESPN, MLB Network, and FS1 for nationally televised games. It is probably one of the best options for those who don’t want to miss a single game throughout the baseball season. It does cost a little bit more than the other options, but true baseball fans don’t seem to mind.


MLB TV is always an option for super fans of baseball. They can watch all sorts of baseball games online as long as they aren’t in that particular media market. People who move away and want to follow their home team won’t find a better deal.

To save more money, there’s a way to get a particular team plan that costs a little bit less. The best value is going to be that all teams plan though, as it allows people to watch virtually every game each night.

Another cool feature with MLB TV is that they offer home and away broadcast feeds. There’s also the option to watch in-game highlights to catch up. Picture-in-picture allows for simultaneous watching as well.

Only the biggest baseball fans are likely going to invest in MLB TV. It’s a great option to look at as long as people understand the blackout situation.

9. Over-the-Air Antenna or Receiver

There’s nothing wrong with using an antenna or receiver to get over the air channels to watch baseball. This comes in handy whenever a game is on Fox, as most people are close enough to an affiliate to watch as they want.

This is free, given that a person already has an antenna or receiver. Even for those who don’t, it’s a one-time fee that might be $20. It opens up other over-the-air channels to watch as well.

10. Bally Sports

Bally Sports is starting to take over as far as regional networks are concerned. They have their own streaming app, and it works relatively well. A person needs to be a subscriber to Bally Sports in the first place, but it gives people a different option when they are away from home.

Simply log into the app and there will be streaming options available when a game is going on. It works about as it should, but doesn’t offer too much as far as extra value is concerned.

11. FuboTV

FuboTV has a little bit of everything for those who want to cut the cord and view streaming as the only way to catch a baseball game. It has a focus on sports, and currently, there are about eight teams that have their regional sports networks available through FuboTV as well.

Pair regional sports networks up with MLB Network, ESPN, and FS1, and FuboTV is a pretty solid option for baseball fans. They also offer a one-week free trial, which is one of the best in the business as far as that’s concerned.

One thing to keep in mind is that FuboTV’s basic package is pretty expensive, and there’s an additional fee for regional sports networks and some of the respective areas. Overall though, it’s a small price to pay to watch everything.

12. Peacock

A relative newcomer to the baseball scene, Peacock is showing Sunday morning baseball games this year. To get that, a person must be subscribed to Peacock Premium. This costs $4.99 per month.

With Peacock Premium, people will be able to stream these MLB games to their TV or mobile device. Since it’s a brand new option for baseball fans to consider, it’s hard to definitively say whether or not it’s worth it. The best thing to do is pay attention to the games being shown to see what’s going on.

Final Thoughts on Baseball Streaming

It’s the perfect time to jump into baseball streaming and see what is out there. While the sport seemed a little hesitant at first to grow the game in the digital age, it started to pick up steam as time went on.

Fans should look at all these different options and see what works best for them. Ideally, only paying for one or two of them at a time makes the most sense. That’s not counting the free options to try out so that as many games are covered as possible.

With a stable connection, it’s easy to settle in during the summer and watch multiple games a week. Keep in mind that a lot of these streaming services offer plenty of other content to watch as well. Other than MLB TV, the cost goes towards watching other entertainment as well.

All in all, getting a tailored experience with baseball as a high priority can allow people to get the most out of their money when streaming.