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15 Best Baseball Youtube Channels

YouTube has exploded over the last few years in popularity. Channels for just about every sport are gaining traction, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Thousands of baseball YouTube channels exist, which can make it difficult to find some of the best content out there. The list below takes into consideration many different types of content creators putting out baseball-related videos for everyone to enjoy.

Everyone will have their own ranking system, but this one is based on overall appeal for the average baseball-lover.

15. Pastime Athletics

The goal of Pastime Athletics is to show the game in a helpful way. They provide teaching tools to help out players, using high-definition video in slow motion to assist.

With just over 15,000 subscribers, this is a fairly small channel overall. However, they’ve been doing it for a long time, and they care more about providing value for a small niche than growing numbers in a huge way. They have a very loyal fan base that continues to come back.

14. Jolly Olive

Another relatively small channel is Jolly Olive. Sitting at right around 50,000 subscribers, the channel makes videos about all types of sports. With that said, the focus is clearly on baseball, and he has some unique angles to the game that might otherwise not be explored.

Instead of coming off as obnoxious or a waste of time, Jolly Olive’s straight to the point and keeps a relatively calm demeanor. In an age where everything becomes sensationalized, it’s refreshing to see creators go this route as well.

13. Giraffe Neck Marc

Love him for his fandom or hate him, Giraffe Neck Marc has evolved into a leading YouTuber. Marc Luino is his real name, and he’s found a unique niche on YouTube with his videos on a variety of subjects.

His growth allows him more and more access to players. He seems to be a YouTuber growing into possible mainstream deals at some point. His videos have grown in production value. There’s also something to be said for the amount of work he puts into his channel. New uploads always pop up as he pushes to become a leader in YouTube baseball commentary.

12. dodgerfilms

A more laid-back approach to baseball can be found on dodgerfilms. They label themselves as a sports gaming channel that not only does a lot of MLB The Show content, but real-life softball games. However, go way back into his archive, and appearances at Dodgers games litter the channel.

It might not be content everyone gets behind, but it’s engaging enough that the channel has just under 1.5 million subscribers. Stepping away from the norm with traditional baseball content has paid off.

11. FanGraphs

Statistics and baseball go hand-in-hand. Some people become frustrated with them, while others can’t get enough. For the latter, FanGraphs’ YouTube channel is the way to go.

Some of the videos aren’t exactly the most intriguing, but they all serve the purpose of looking at things from a statistical perspective. It makes it a lot easier to watch a video than to comb through pages and pages of statistics.

The channel could be refined a bit to be more fan-friendly, but FanGraphs has never cared about that aspect. They know only some people love what they do, and that content is made for them.

10. Momentum (Trevor Bauer)

The controversy surrounding Trevor Bauer is difficult for some people to look past. He’s out of baseball for a reason, and a very serious one at that. It’s acceptable to not embrace anything that he is involved in.

With that being said, Trevor Bauer and his Momentum team continue to provide interesting content while he’s away from the game. He has a chance to go up against talented baseball players of different ages. He also does challenges that can be very unique to the sport. 

9. Antonelli Baseball

He didn’t get a chance to play much in the majors, but Antonelli Baseball is put together by former first-round pick Matt Antonelli. He gives a realistic look at the way the game operates from a behind-the-scenes perspective. He might be known more for the YouTube channel than his actual playing career, but he keeps everything realistic.

As he grows, Antonelli seems to be willing to go in just about any direction with his baseball content. He’ll break down common questions about life as a professional, play video games, or provide drill videos for young players to utilize. 

8. MLW Wiffleball

The biggest wiffleball channel on YouTube is drawing baseball fans more and more. Based out of Brighton, Michigan, they continue to grow and make an impact with their 8-team league. Posting games weekly during the summer, they are heavily edited to make them short and full of action.

They qualify as being part of baseball YouTube because of some of their crossover appearances. For example, last year they appeared on TBS to show Pedro Martinez, Curtis Granderson, and Jimmy Rollins how to play the game. Every baseball fan has played with a ball at some point, so the sports go together.

7. Zack Hample

When Zack Hample started to get into chasing balls and into the stands at baseball games, he never could’ve imagined that he would eventually turn into a career. He’s written books, held meet and greets, and has evolved into a YouTube star thanks to his unique take on the game.

Some like checking out how he goes to games and gets as many balls as he can. He studies the game and each stadium to figure out the best places to put himself to potentially catch balls.

Since he’s willing to give the balls up to fans, he’s stayed popular as a unique ambassador of the game. He’ll willingly show some of his tricks to get toss-ups from players as well.

6. Domingo Ayala

Anyone who enjoys having a little bit of fun will get a laugh out of wanting Domingo Ayala videos. This is a former college baseball player who plays a parity of a superstar baseball player who is truly larger than life.

He doesn’t post as much as he did in the past, but he still makes unique content that is aimed to make people enjoy the game differently.

5. Baseball Historian

As one might expect from the name, Baseball Historian is all about looking at the past. They do a very professional job making every single video look sharp. Since there’s a lot of content already up, newcomers to the channel can look through everything and see what stands out to them.

Baseball has always been very high on historical content. It only makes sense that a few Youtubers would start to make an impact in this category. Not every video is going to be super appealing, but enough of them bring in eyeballs.

4. JomBoy Media

What started as a pretty small YouTube channel has now turned into a sensation in baseball circles. they don’t always talk about just baseball, but their focus has allowed them to grow to a point where they are expanding every year.

They’re mostly known for breaking down certain plays and analyzing them in a way that is relatable to everyone. They know a lot about baseball, but they make the content so that everyone can understand. On top of everything else, it is entertaining, and they continue to grow their brand at a fast pace.

3. Stark Raving Sports

Stark Raving Sports is not afraid to do a deep dive analysis of baseball players and teams. They try to keep things humorous, but they also want to be taken seriously as an informative YouTube channel.

What they’ve done is find a sweet spot between entertainment and straight information. It was a bit of a gamble early on, but now their YouTube channel has over 125,000 subscribers. They figured out a way to make the content work.

2. Foolish Baseball

The Foolish Baseball YouTube channel tries to take a look at interesting aspects of the game that haven’t been touched on before. They mostly go into deeper content, and that’s the reason why there aren’t too many videos pumped out monthly.

A lot of other YouTube channels have tried to replicate the magic of Foolish Baseball. They have a lot going for them, and bringing more people onto the team has been a necessary step.

1. MLB

It seems obvious enough, but the MLB YouTube channel is certainly getting better and better now that they have embraced the platform. They provide MLB-specific content regularly, showcasing the sport and breaking things down in a short manner.

With so much history intertwined with baseball, it makes sense to have historic moments on there as well. People should always look at the MLB YouTube channel first to see if there is content out there worth exploring.

The reason why MLB YouTube tops the list is that they have a library of video that no other channel can compete with. They might not always have the best original content, but new and historic videos appeal to the masses. 

Is YouTube Growing with Baseball Content?

Baseball doesn’t automatically translate to YouTube and social media quite as well as some of the other sports. With that said, baseball YouTube is growing and becoming very popular.

Some viewers consistently get hundreds of thousands of views, and that’s only going to grow the game for the next generation.

People against baseball YouTube likely don’t get the overall appeal. It’s a way to quickly digest the game and also hear some commentary along the way. Fans don’t get the full aspect of baseball with shorter clips, but it pays off in many ways.