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15 Premier League Teams with the Best Fans

English soccer is widely regarded to be the home of some of the most passionate and devoted supporters in the whole world, their example setting a base that clubs across the planet have modelled their support on. 

The Premier League is the top level of English Soccer and is currently home to the 20 best teams in the country, but which team has the best fans? Today we’ll be taking you through the best 15 set’s of fans in the Premier League and answering that question.

15. Manchester City

We begin at the very pinnacle of English soccer and the current holders of the Premier League title, Manchester City. The Sky Blues may well be the champions, but their atmosphere needs improvement to be higher on this list. 

In the past City had some of the most loyal fans in the country, however since their move to the Etihad Stadium in the 2003-04 season they have lost some of the noise that could be found at their old Maine Road home. 

Despite all this, the atmosphere does peak nicely when the fans sing Blue Moon prior to kick off each week.

14. Brighton and Hove Albion 

Moving Southwards, next on our list are Brighton and Hove Albion. The team found on the South Coast of England have spent much of its existence outside of the topflight but were promoted from the Championship in 2017 and have remained in the Premier League ever since. 

For a club that has no local rivals and a relatively large stadium that houses over 30,000 fans, Brighton still have a small fanbase compared to many of their Premier League rivals.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; however, it does affect their ability to generate noise, especially when they make the trip to some of the larger stadiums in the league.

13. Brentford 

One of the newest and smallest teams to have played in the Premier League, the London based club have a brilliant fanbase for their size. Brentford were promoted to the Premier League in 2021 and enjoyed a solid first season where they finished in 13th place.

The club recently moved from their traditional Griffin Park stadium to the Brentford Community Stadium, which houses just 17,250 people that helps the fans to make a good level of noise. 

Away from home is where the Brentford fans shine though, with them still having the togetherness of an EFL club that many fans in England wish their team had. 

12. West Ham United 

A team that you may have expected to see further up on this list given the reputation that the Hammers had in the past, unfortunately for the Londoners this was before they left the historic Upton Park.

In 2016, West Ham moved to the London Stadium (The Olympic Stadium from 2012) following a redevelopment of the arena. This was a move that wasn’t popular with the fans and still isn’t.

The issue with the London Stadium is that is was not made for Soccer and as such the pitch is too far away from the fans for them to generate the intimidating atmosphere that they used to be so notorious for. The sound of ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’ is still one of the most pleasing in England though.

11. Tottenham Hotspur

Yet another team on this list that has suffered from the effects of moving to a new stadium, Spurs have fans around the world that can no longer afford to make the trip to North London.

Their new state of the art home at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is now one of the most impressive venues in the whole of world sport, however this has left some of their most loyal supporters feeling alienated. 

Despite this, Spurs still managed to achieve attendances at over 90% capacity for the entirety of the 2021/22 season. How many of these were tourist fans wanting to see the new stadium in the flesh is unknown though. 

10. Everton

A team that in recent years has had to put up with being in the shadows of their more successful neighbours on Merseyside, Everton are one of the oldest teams in the Premier League.

Ask most scousers who they support though, and I can guarantee that they will reply with Everton and not Liverpool. The city is known for its community spirt and as the self-declared ‘people’s club’ Everton embody this sense of belonging. 

Goodison Park has one of the most pleasant atmosphere’s in the Premier League, but with a move to a new stadium and Bramley Dock on the horizon there will be fears that this historic atmosphere will be lost. 

9. Southampton

Heading back down to the south of England, in 9th place on our list are Southampton. The Saints have experienced the pain of moving stadium’s in the past but have now settled in at their St. Mary’s home.

The team also sing a song that many US based sport’s fans may be familiar with, ‘When the Saints go Marching in’. This is one of the most used songs in the whole of English Soccer, as teams from across the divisions have a version of their own. 

This song alone helps the Saints to generate a solid atmosphere that peaks whenever they face off against Portsmouth in the South Coast Derby. 

8. Arsenal

One of the most well supported teams in world soccer, Arsenal are undeniably the biggest club in London. Their Emirates stadium home is slowly becoming one the most threatening places to visit as an opposition player.

Arsenal may be famous for the negative attitudes of some of their fans, however with much of this negativity dispelled with in recent seasons there are things happening in North London. 

Mikel Arteta has brought in new faces and got the team playing in a way that the fans want to see, thus engulfing the Emirates in a wave of positivity that could carry this reborn team to great things in the years to come. 

7. Leicester City

Following their shock Premier League title in 2016, the Midlands based team nicknames ‘The Foxes’ have gone from strength to strength and so have their fans. The King Power Stadium is now widely known to have one of the most electric atmosphere’s in England.

Before each match gets underway, there is an impressive display of choreography from the fans in the stand using cardboard clappers that are provided by the club. Some of you may believe that this is a vain attempt at generating an intimidating atmosphere, but once you witness it for real it can truly be appreciated. 

6. Manchester United

Now this choice may cause some controversy. It is widely known that in the modern era of Soccer, Old Trafford has become a haven of tourist support from fans that have almost certainly never been to a Soccer match, and I am firmly in this camp when it come to Manchester United’s home support. 

The reason they are so high in this list is for their away support though, which is one of the best in England. Fans that follow the ‘Red Devils around the country each week are the truest of Manchester United supporters and they make some of the best noise I’ve ever heard. 

Next time somebody says Manchester United have rubbish fans, simply direct them to footage of their away followings. 

5. Liverpool

From a team that is famous for its away support, to one that is intrinsically linked to its home atmosphere. Liverpool, and more specifically their Anfield Stadium is one of the scariest places that any opposition player or fan has to visit. 

What Liverpool fans are most famous for is the song that they sing before each home game, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is a legendary Soccer chant that was made so by the Liverpool fans. 

The song has a special place in anyone associated with the club, especially since the terrible Hillsborough disaster in 1989 where 96 Liverpool fans sadly lost their lives. They sing in remembrance of these fans and in defiance of those who tried to silence their voices. 

4. Crystal Palace

You may not have been expecting to see the ‘Eagles’ this high up in our list, but in England it is commonly known that Crystal Palace have a truly sensational atmosphere at Selhurst Park.

The reason that Palace fans can makes such noise is that they are so close to the pitch, the stadium being a true throwback to the old days of English Soccer.

Selhurst Par gives off the aura of a place that hasn’t been influenced by the commercialisation of global Soccer and this is something that is to be admired in 2022. 

3. Nottingham Forest

One of the Premier League new boys for the 2022/23 season, Nottingham Forest are widely regarded as a ‘sleeping giant’ in English Soccer. Forest are one of the most successful teams in the history of the English game, having two European Cups to their name. 

Under legendary manager Brian Clough, Forest built a dynasty that simply needs to be awakened. With promotion back to the big time finally achieved in 2021/22, this awakening may well be on the horizon.

The historic City Ground on the banks of the River Trent has an electric atmosphere and when the words ‘Oh City Ground’ are sang by the fans, the hairs on the back of your neck are guaranteed to stand up. 

2. Leeds United

A club that in all honesty isn’t very liked outside of their loyal fanbase (this may simply be jealousy though), Leeds United are one of the best supported teams in the world. 

Much like Forest, Leeds still play their matches at their traditional Elland Road home, and this is a recipe for an atmosphere that can strike fear into even the most hardcore of opposition player. 

The club are the biggest and best in Yorkshire, a County that is synonymous with passion, hard work, and industry. These are all values that Leeds have close to their hearts whenever they take to the field. 

Leeds fans may well be hated, but they can never be ignored. 

1. Newcastle United 

Here we have it! The best fans in the Premier League belong to Newcastle United. The team found in the Northeast of the country has one of the biggest stadiums in England, that is filled with the most passionate fans week in-week out.

As a club, Newcastle has had to endure a long period of strife under the ownership of businessman Mike Ashley which saw them relegated from the Premier League on numerous occasions.

The ‘Magpies’ always found their way back though and are now under the ownership of the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, making them one of the richest teams in the world. 

This change at the top, whilst not ethically much better for the Premier League has sparked a widely popular reaction from Newcastle fans that has only further enhanced their already vociferous St. James’ Park atmosphere.

With that our list of the 15 Premier League teams with the best fans has come to an end, some of our choices may well be controversial and some very well-supported clubs have been left out entirely.

This is an ever-changing subject of discussion though and comes this time next season, the list may well have changed massively.