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17 Life-Changing Benefits of Playing Baseball

Baseball has been around for a long time and probably still holds more fan bases in the U.S. than any sport. It is built into the fabric of American life, social customs, and cultural ceremonies.

The showmanship of its presentation has been showcased through an amazing array of presentations, including; dedication panels with players, replays, parades, and concerts.

Everything about the sport is just awesome. The friendships and rivalries (such as the one between the New York Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers) formed between clubs in large cities displayed a wonderful sense of passion and dedication that was unsurpassed by other well-known professional sports. 

But, there are many other reasons someone should start playing baseball. Let’s talk about some life-changing benefits associated with the sport.

1. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Running around the field is an excellent way to expand your lung capacity and strengthen the muscles in your heart, both of which are benefits of cardio exercise.

All players in baseball enjoy short bursts of aerobic training, including batters sprinting the bases, catchers chasing a foul ball, and outfielders running to grab a fly ball.

While playing baseball improves your cardiovascular health, it also demands you to focus on your fitness in other ways to perform better on the field.

Games typically continue for a couple of hours and require players to do many activities that need them to start and stop. This requires aerobic and anaerobic fitness, and you need to ensure that you have plenty of both. 

What it means is that when you are interested in baseball, you will have to focus on your cardiovascular health one way or another.

2. Get Stronger Arms to Feel More Confident

Simply playing the sport can help you have stronger arms. Having larger, more powerful arms might inspire confidence. Additionally, muscular arms can suggest agility and power.

Women like strong men and many studies have been done to show that. In fact, a study showed that women would rather date men with big arms than those with weak biceps. In addition, they prefer guys who are muscular and healthy. To impress these girls and win their hearts, you need to be muscular.

The biceps, located in the front of your upper arm, and the triceps, located at the rear, are the two primary muscles in your upper arm. And you use both of them while pitching the ball and swinging the bat, which is awesome.  

3. Get Toned Legs

As a baseball player, you will use every major muscle group in your lower body. Getting your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves all worked out while running after a ball is a great exercise for all these muscle groups.

It is a great cardiovascular workout, but running is especially helpful for toning and developing leg muscles.

Catchers build leg strength by constantly crouching and standing behind the plate to field balls. But the interesting thing is that playing baseball involves quick spurts of running followed by a short resting period – it is the case when you run between the bases and recuperate as you wait on base. 

It is also an example of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), the best type of exercise for your legs and overall health.

4. Get the Sunlight to Uplift Your Mood

Being in a good mood can help you in all walks of life, and baseball can help you by increasing your exposure to sunlight. There is growing evidence that vitamin D can help regulate your mood and lower the risk of anxiety and depression.   

Data from a recent study conducted in Denmark shows that taking vitamin D supplements can reduce the risk of depression by up to 45%. Researchers also confirmed that treatment with vitamin D could improve symptoms for people suffering from severe forms of depression.

5. Burn More Calories

All the running involved in baseball is sure to help you burn more calories. As mentioned already, you engage in HIIT while playing baseball, and the best thing about this form of exercise is that it helps you burn calories even when resting after a workout.

Using HIIT is an effective way to burn calories rapidly. In one study, the researchers evaluated the number of calories expended throughout 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training, running, weight training, and biking. According to the study’s findings, high-intensity interval training burns 25–30 percent more calories than other kinds of exercise.

Suppose you weigh 160 pounds. In that case, you are likely to lose around 365 calories by playing baseball for an hour.   Because your body must work harder to carry out that activity, the more calories you will burn as a direct result of your increased weight.  

Physical activities such as catching the ball, running the bases, swinging the bat, and even going to the dugout will help rev up your metabolism and cause you to burn more calories.

Regular physical exercise speeds up your metabolism, which in turn helps your body burn more calories throughout the day and lowers the amount of fat stored in your body. 

Baseball players are required to run a lot, particularly during practice sessions, and that helps them burn more than 600 calories depending on how active they are on the field. 

Although some people consider baseball players to be fat and out of shape, they are spectacular athletes.

6. Learn Teamwork

Baseball may seem like an individual sport while you are up to bat, but it is far more about the team than any individual player. Have you ever wondered why a batter might choose to go out intentionally? That is what we call teamwork, and you learn it while on the field.

In baseball, there are a total of nine players on the field at any given time. There will frequently be a situation in which three or more players are required to collaborate to get a runner out of the base. Similarly, a double play requires at least two players who work together in order for it to be successful.

7. Learn to Show Sportsman Spirit

Baseball is a great way to hone your sportsmanship and competition skills. When you lose to a superior team, it is helpful to learn how to play fair by recognizing the good play of the team you lost to.

Failure teaches you a valuable lesson: the most important thing you can do is pick yourself up and try again.

If you have a strikeout in your first inning, you will likely have three or four additional opportunities to make up for it in subsequent innings.

You need to keep your head up and remain focused to contribute one or more excellent plays to support your team. And baseball teaches you how to have a good mental outlook and perform better in all walks of life.

8. Develop a General Sense of Well-Being

Being on the field and interacting with other players to guide your team to victory will give your self-confidence a world of good, which is great for your well-being.

People who have a more optimistic attitude on life have a higher chance of warding off illness than those who are more pessimistic in their outlook.

9. Improve Your Motor Skills

Playing baseball is a terrific way to improve your large motor abilities. In particular, baseball is beneficial for helping children develop strength in their legs, core, and upper body muscles. 

As a player, you must learn how to maintain your balance, hold the bat, and swing it like a pro. All of this requires careful motor planning. 

Kids who play baseball improve their balance, which increases their degree of success and level of competence. They can even get a head start on preparation for other sports by developing their gross motor abilities in baseball.

10. Learn to Be Social

Sports teams are one of the best ways to make new friends. They are great for starting bonds with people, which can be extended as you go along your life. And baseball is a great sport to make new friends and meet old and new fellas at any age.

Even in small towns, baseball brings people together. And when you compete with other teams, it helps you get to know them better, which ultimately enables you to get a broader view of different things in life.   

11. Learn to Be Patient

Life is never easy, especially when you have a lot of responsibilities. You need to be patient and work hard to achieve your goals. Sometimes, some things just don’t work out as you expect them to, and you get a taste of that every time you play baseball. 

As a sport, baseball can be very demanding. In order to be deemed truly exceptional, a player simply has to perform effectively at bat 30 percent of the time.

Baseball is a great way to instill patience in children at an early age.   They develop the ability to wait patiently for their time at bat and finally wait for the right pitch to knock the ball into the stands.

12. Learn to Enjoy a Good Laugh

Playing baseball with friends is a great way to train your laughing muscle.  Having a good time is the most crucial aspect of playing baseball in any league.

If it appears that you are capable of excelling at it, you may think about taking it more seriously. But the most important reason to start playing is just to have fun and share a laugh with people you like.

13. Improve Your Focus

Let us be honest about it: Baseball is not a high-speed action sport (well, mostly). In between runs, you are either waiting for a play in the outfield or hanging around in the dugout.

Learning to wait helps you become more patient, as discussed already, but it also helps you become more attentive and focused. Players must maintain constant focus on the ball to determine when they are required to catch it, to whom they should toss it, and when they should steal it.

In addition, players on the bench need to be attentive to the number of outs, the score, and who is now on the base.  It is hard to be successful if any player does not focus or stay attentive to the specifics. You learn that skill in baseball and take it with you when you leave after the game.

14. Polish Your Science Skills

Who knew that practicing baseball might actually help you improve your academic skills? This challenging game requires a significant amount of knowledge in both mathematics and physics to be played properly. 

Math is extremely important in baseball, with applications ranging from keeping scores to determining batting averages and all in between.

Similarly, your swing will be affected by the pitch’s speed and direction, as well as the manner you grip and swing your bat, which will affect the ball’s trajectory. It is all about energy, force, and physics!

15. Work Up Your Dancing Skills

By improving your hand-eye coordination through baseball, you will be able to perform better at other activities, including dancing.

But that is not all because you dance when you lose, win, and when there is nothing to do, well, you dance! That is sportsman spirit for you, fellas!

16. Boost Your Immunity

Baseball involves interval training, which alone can work wonders for your immune system. Short bursts of aerobic exercise (less than 60 minutes) have been found to be an effective adjuvant in many different types of research. 

Increasing white blood cell circulation, helps to improve the immune system. Anti-inflammatory properties of moderate exercise may also boost the immune system as well as an anti-body-specific response to vaccinations.

Moreover, when you laugh and have fun playing baseball, you activate T-cells that work amazingly well to ward off diseases. Add chuckling to your arsenal of cold-fighting strategies the next time you feel cold headed your way and you will be amazed to see the results!

17. Get Washboard Abs to Impress Everyone

Do you know playing baseball can help you be more popular with girls? Who can resist a guy with boulder arms, toned legs, and washboard abs? Getting great abs is one of the biggest benefits of baseball, and it can change your life in many ways. 

The swinging of a baseball bat works the muscles across the entire body. Your arms and shoulders are used to move the bat, while your legs provide the force, and your hips are used to spin your torso.

Your abdominal muscles, especially your rectus abdominis and your obliques, get stretched when you shift your body while swinging, which is great for your overall fitness.

Sharing a burst of laughter with friends while playing the game can alone help you tone your abs.  When you laugh, the muscles in your stomach stretch and contract in a manner analogous to the action of purposefully exercising your abdominal muscles. 

Truly, you can make working out your abdominal muscles more fun by including baseball and some laughing in your regimen.