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4 Best Handball Games On PC

Handball PC games are as exciting as they are if you were to jump into a real-life game! They contain a plethora of features that immerse you in the world of handball, allowing you to create and customize a team, manage and coach them, and improve their abilities.

There isn’t much variety in terms of developers who create them, but the games that do exist have numerous exciting features and hours of gameplay content.

4 Best handball games on PC:

  • Handball 21
  • Handball Manager 2021
  • Handball 17
  • Handball 16

1. Handball 21

Handball 21 aims for hyper-realism by allowing players to indulge in their own Handball career and manage their teams. Developer EKO Software included multiple game mechanics to provide a fun experience while staying true to authenticity. The game is available on Steam.

Handball doesn’t share the same popularity as other sports, so the developers integrated Steam Remote Play functionality to make playing with friends who don’t own a copy of the game easier. You can also access split-screen PvP (player versus player) or online multiplayer matchmaking.

Singleplayer mode has you managing your own Handball team in a career setting. You get to improve your players’ stats and progress them from division three to the top of the competitive ladder across five nations and varying difficulties.

The game allows you to design your team’s kit and logo and even alter the pattern on the ball you use. As you play and reach certain milestones, you’ll unlock unique challenges that give your players and gameplay perks.

If career mode sounds a little intimidating, the game also has a basic, single-season league to ease you into the game’s mechanics and teach you what to expect.

While it’s possible to liken the game to that of titles like NBA2K22, it isn’t the same caliber. Handball 21 has a minor dev team than a triple-A company like 2k Games.

However, their game is still an impressive sports game with sharp graphics, lighting, shadows, and good animations for the characters, especially compared to its Handball 17 predecessor.


  • Content-rich with a career mode
  • Highly customizable game elements
  • High replayability
  • Solid graphics
  • Fluid gameplay


  • Lacks tutorials and explanations
  • Not beginner friendly
  • Actions can feel out of your control

2. Handball Manager 2021

Handball Manager 2021 places you at the helm of a handball to steer toward an international victory. You assume the role of coach and manager to build the ultimate team and prove your worth as a world-class competitor. It’s developed and published by netmin games and available on Steam.

The game provides every opportunity for an upcoming handball coach to personalize their gameplay, giving the game a lot more complexity and replay value. You’ll have an overview of the performance stats of each of your players, allowing you to make necessary team alternations to improve your team.

Countless exciting mechanics help you manage your team and get the best results. For instance, you can set parameters for your players to employ specific training and tactics or set up player transfers.

Other elements like the stadium, youth work, fan support, merchandising, stock markets, private life, and real careers play crucial roles in grooming your players for success.

While your primary focus is on coaching and managing, you still get the opportunity to view your players in a live-action environment and take complete control if you believe you can score the winning point.

The game is not without its community; you can exchange your self-created editor and winning moments with other players via the Steam Workshop.


  • Rich with mechanics and content
  • Highly customizable and flexible elements
  • High replayability
  • Immersive gameplay


  • Graphics lag behind other similar games
  • Multiple systems make it tricky to learn

3. Handball 17

Handball 17 allows you to battle it against 82 official teams in some of the most professional European leagues, like the DKB Handball Bundesliga and PROLIGUE in France. Eko Software is the maker, Nacon is the publisher, and it’s available on Steam.

Handball 17 offers an experience that is as close to the real thing, with simple controls, spontaneous AI opponents, singleplayer Season and Career modes, local and internet multiplayer, and multiple difficulty settings for the right amount of challenge.

You can expect to see official teams from the 2017 season and experience fast-paced action with spin shots, the feint, hip shots, and other exciting gameplay combinations.

The graphics quality and animations are pretty decent, and they do a great job of getting you immersed in what’s happening on-screen. This may not be triple-A quality, but handball fans can have a lot of fun when they accumulate the knowledge and muscle memory to master the controls.

Afterward, handball patterns become easier to read, and factors like speed, technique, and timing become more crucial factors that make it fun.

Refrain from comparing the game to FIFA and NBA, and instead enjoy it for what it is, and you’ll likely have a much more enjoyable time.


  • Highly customizable
  • Several engaging game mechanics
  • Content-rich
  • Impressive graphics


  • AI behavior can be frustrating
  • May contain some bugs

4. Handball 16

Handball 16 is another iteration developed by EKO Software and published by Nacon and Plug In Digital. This game features realistic physics and animations thanks to its rendering engine, and you can perform actual handball actions like hip shots, jump shots, dodges, fakes, and spin shots.

The game is no longer purchasable on the Steam store,  but you can still buy a Steam CD keys from websites like G2A or get the game off the Microsoft Store.

Players can play with any of the 68 teams from the three major European leagues, like  DKB Handball-Bundesliga – Germany, Liga Asobal – Spain, and Championnat de D1 – France.

The game boasts a range of dynamic systems that assist you in adapting a personalized playstyle and evolving it. You also can perform combo actions like in an actual match, with the game providing 24 offensive tactics that you can utilize according to a player’s position and statistics.

Players can choose to participate in Simple Match, where they can duel it out against an AI opponent or a friend in an online match.

Career mode is an exciting venture that allows you to create your own player, start a club and manage it successfully. As you improve the skills of your players and win matches, your club will be able to participate in more prominent tournaments until you tower over your opposition completely.


  • Highly customizable
  • Multiple mechanics to maintain interest
  • Content-rich
  • Good graphics for a dated game


  • May contain some bugs
  • Controls might feel dated
  • Less gameplay freedom

Our Top Pick

Handball 21 is the best game regarding flexibility, mechanics, immersion, and graphical quality. You’ll find yourself engrossed in the world of handball as you build your team and participate in local tournaments, only to make it to internationals and battle it out against tough opponents.

The game carries a real sense of accomplishment, so don’t be surprised if you find give every one of your players a nickname and feel like you know them as more than a collection of pixels!

There’s tons of content and replayability because you get to try different strategies and mix them up when you see that you lack in a particular area.