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4 Best Table Tennis Games On Xbox One

If you’re a table tennis lover, you’re probably looking for more ways to enjoy your favorite sport. The good news is that there is!

Most consoles, including Xbox One, have several table tennis games available for purchase and download on the Xbox Store. But which table tennis games are the best?

Here are the 4 best table tennis games on Xbox One.

1. Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

When you think of Rockstar Games, chances are you’re not thinking about a family-friendly game of sports. However, the game developer surprised fans in 2006 with one of the most realistic table tennis games ever brought to the console.

As the Xbox consoles have advanced, fans mourned the loss of this game for ages. That is until Microsoft announced that this incredible game was getting a backward compatible update! That’s right. Rockstar’s one and only table tennis game has been updated to work on Xbox One consoles and Xbox Series X and S.

With the game’s resurgence, new and old players flocked to get their hands on it. And for a good reason! Rockstar’s Table Tennis combines realistic gameplay with the fun of virtual sports to create a visually striking and unsurprisingly fun experience for the whole family to enjoy.

The game is easy to play, and gamers can easily get the hang of the intuitive controls. With the four action buttons (X, Y, A, and B) corresponding to a different type of shot, players can change their gameplay as much as they’d like and customize how they play.

The top, back, left, and right spin shots are mapped out exactly how you’d imagine, making it easy to find a rhythm while you play – even if you’re a beginner.

While players can also use their analog sticks to control the shots, this can sometimes be sloppy and make it difficult to play accurately. You could accidentally change your shot and mess up your game with one wrong move!

This table tennis game is as realistic as possible with real techniques, serves, and shots. The only drawback to this Xbox One game is that you can’t play couch co-op with a friend or connect to online servers for an exciting double match against the game’s AI players. Instead, gamers must settle for one-on-one matches with their AI opponents.

Additionally, table tennis games can be risky to play. They may easily become monotonous. But with multiple achievements to unlock and other collectibles, players can easily stay entertained for hours.

There are also multiple game modes for more competitive or relaxed play, so you can enjoy a game or two of table tennis no matter what you’re in the mood for!


  • Multiple game modes
  • Realistic detail
  • Intuitive controls
  • Offline mode
  • Multiple achievements to unlock during gameplay
  • Customization of playstyle


  • Players can’t customize their characters
  • No doubles mode or co-op play

2. Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Another fantastic game to get table tennis lovers excited is the Official Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 game. Unlike our previous pick, this game has local and online co-op and multiplayer modes, so you can gather your friends and family for a thrilling game night on your Xbox One. Players can also purchase and play this game on Xbox Series S and X.

While this game is technically only about table tennis, it’s hard to beat the excitement it brings to players. This immersive game puts players right in the middle of the action and launches them into the world of Olympic Sports.

This game has everything from basketball and swimming to tennis and soccer! But it may not come as a surprise that we just can’t get enough of the table tennis gameplay.

Olympic Games Tokyo is perfect for beginners who have never played table tennis to pros that want to experience their favorite sport on-screen.

With handy tips during loading screens and illustrations of how these tips should be carried out, newbies can quickly learn the ropes without fumbling around until they get it right.

Some games may over-complicate gameplay by adding extra buttons for power, spin, speed, and other factors. But this game uses analog sticks to control players, making it a clean and simplified way of playing it. There’s also commentary to help egg players on and motivate them during their games!

Gamers can customize their characters and make them as simple or wacky as they’d like. While this doesn’t change any gameplay, we thought it added a nice touch that other games often overlook.


  • Multiple games to play, including table tennis
  • Local or online co-op and multiplayer modes
  • Character customization
  • Easy to play
  • Helpful tips to improve your gameplay


  • The game isn’t dedicated to table tennis
  • The gameplay isn’t as fleshed out as it could be

3. Party Arcade

The next game on our list is also a collection of minigames, but with multiple ‘pong’ game modes to choose from, it’s a great game to purchase and play with friends! Party Arcade is just that – a game designed to play with friends. Full of minigames like golf and ski ball, this game can keep you entertained for hours.

But our favorite part of the game is the table tennis! There’s a dedicated table tennis game that involves simplistic gameplay and playstyles. While this may not be the best pick for someone who wants realistic or challenging gameplay, it’s a fantastic option for the whole family to enjoy!

There’s also a fun pong mode that involves sinking ping pong balls into red solo cups. This unique spin on the standard table tennis gameplay is enjoyable for large groups.


  • Multiple games to play, including table tennis
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Local or online co-op
  • Online mode for single players


  • The game isn’t dedicated to table tennis
  • Simplistic gameplay

4. International Table Tennis

If you’re looking for a simple table tennis game with clean graphics and nothing but pure gameplay, this is it! While games like Rockstar’s Table Tennis are fun and challenging, they may be a little complex when you’re looking to relax and play a simple game of table tennis (while still sitting on your couch!).

This game is better defined as a table tennis tournament simulator rather than a competitive and realistic one. With AI players that increase in difficulty, you shouldn’t let the simple aesthetic of this game fool you! Some levels and matches can be tricky to win and require a little extra technique to earn those points!


  • Focused on gameplay
  • Challenging modes to choose from
  • Play through tournaments for a simulation game
  • Easy to play
  • Inexpensive to buy from the Xbox store


  • Simple design
  • No additional gameplay or features outside of matches

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