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5 Best Baseball Games On PS4

If you are completely enthralled by MLB and the world of baseball, look no further than PS4 to get your chance to play this majestic game.

PlayStation 4 offers a variety of exhilarating baseball games for you to explore and master at your own pace. So naturally, the “national pastime” is even better enjoyed from the comfort of your living room, so batter up!

5 Best baseball games on PS4:

  • 1. MLB The Show 22
  • 2. RBI Baseball 21
  • 3. Super Mega Baseball 3
  • 4. Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2019
  • 5. MLB Home Run Derby VR

1. MLB The Show 22

The MLB The Show franchise is one of the most popular baseball games. With a new game coming out each year, much to its fans’ excitement, it doesn’t seem like the game’s popularity is waning any time soon. The most recent installment of the game, MLB The Show 22, came out on April 5, 2022.

There is some debate among fans of the game as to which version of the game comes out tops. However, there is no doubt that, whatever version it is, MLB The Show is one of the best baseball games out there for PS4.

MLB The Show has dominated screens since 2006 when MLB 06: The Show debuted on PlayStation 2. Since then, San Diego Studios has released a new game every year. However, the game had many predecessors, starting in 1997 with MLB ’98. MLB The Show is published by Sony.

A co-op mode allows you to form teams with friends or through random matches. The commentary on the game is done by real-life sports commentators Jon ‘Boog’ Sciambi and Chris Singleton.

Lending the game authenticity. Unfortunately, the frequency of updates means the game doesn’t change quickly enough to fix issues and add complexity.


  • Detailed graphics
  • Game difficulty is highly customizable
  • Various game modes
  • Clean gameplay


  • Technical problems occur frequently
  • Lines of dialogue repeat annoyingly
  • Casual players can struggle to get into the game
  • Slow to improve from previous games
  • The game is relatively expensive

2. RBI Baseball 21

Short for Run Batted In Baseball, RBI Baseball has been around since 1987 in various iterations. It was resurrected in 2014 by MLB’s Advanced Media wing. This was done to play on name recognition, create a simpler alternative to MLB The Show, and evoke nostalgia for the 80s and 90s games.

RBI Baseball 21 was released on March 16, 2021. However, this installment was not met with great approval by fans nor reviewers. The criticism leveled at RBI Baseball included that the gameplay is buggy. Many baseball fans prefer MLB The Show for smoother gameplay.

Plans to develop RBI Baseball 22 have been canceled. So, it seems that there will not be another installment of this game any time soon. There will be no more future roster updates to existing games. The game will not be able to be purchased anymore.


  • Realistic-looking graphics
  • Variety of game modes
  • Easy to learn for casual players and kids
  • Players are customizable
  • Progressive day-night cycle transitions well
  • Online multiplayer mode


  • Animation and AI in the game malfunction
  • Gameplay is not smooth
  • Commentary track can be annoying

3. Super Mega Baseball 3

Although it is considered a less serious baseball game, Super Mega Baseball 3 can still offer the most fantastic fun with easy-to-learn gameplay. In addition, Super Mega Baseball is one of the newer games, with the series only being established in 2014.

Super Mega Baseball’s players have character, which is reflected by the fact that they have a backstory that you can build on. Players can engage in ludicrous activities like venturing into black-market acupuncture. This series is known for its quirky sense of fun, which is one of its best characteristics.


  • Detailed difficulty setup
  • Pick-up-and-play gameplay, even for younger players
  • Has a franchise mode
  • Players can have situational traits
  • Gameplay is authentic and grounded
  • Great lighting setups


  • Some players look unrealistic
  • Loading times can become too long if customizing

4. Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2019

Japan is another country producing a wealth of baseball talent. Therefore, it is no surprise that Konami has released a baseball game based on Japanese professional baseball. This game franchise had its beginnings in 2004 and since then has gained popularity, especially in Asia.

Unfortunately, although Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2019 is highly acclaimed and comes packing great graphics, its accessibility is tricky in terms of both language and availability for purchase.

The game is mainly in Japanese. There is a website that offers translation of and insight into the game. However, this remains too much effort for most people to play a game, even one as good as this one.

Updates of this game franchise occur in a two-year cycle, allowing the creators to flesh out updates before releasing a new version and with an update to the rosters in the interim.

Many modes are available, including dream league, which allows you to manage the game. Koshien Spirit is another mode you can play which places you in the role of a high school student aspiring to play baseball in a national tournament.


  • Realistic graphics
  • Easy to get the hang of this game
  • Customizable players
  • A live scenario mode is available


  • Language barrier

5. MLB Home Run Derby VR

You’re in luck if you’re looking for something to play with your PSVR. Released on April 24, 2018, this game immerses you in the world of baseball and allows you to become a star player in your own right. In addition, MLB Home Run Derby VR offers you the chance to try to hit a home run.

The game enhances your strength and slows down pitching to make things easier, but you still have to exert effort to get higher scores. There are only three stadiums available. You can quickly get bored with the lack of diversity in game types and stadiums.


  • Decent graphics


  • Expensive for only one game type
  • Can get tedious

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