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5 Best Basketball Games On Nintendo Switch

There is no doubt that basketball games on Nintendo Switch are a lot of fun. Whether you enjoy a simple, straightforward game with few intricacies or a fast-paced and competitive game.

Nintendo Switch has something for you. Basketball games range from the popular NBA 2K franchise to less complex and easier games such as Street Basketball.

5 Best basketball games on Nintendo Switch:

  • NBA 2K22
  • NBA 2K Playgrounds 2
  • Desktop Basketball
  • Dunk Lords
  • Street Basketball

1. NBA 2K22

The NBA 2K22 is part of the well-known NBA 2K basketball game franchise. If you’re familiar with older versions, this new one won’t be difficult to learn.

However, new features are added with each new installment, making it even more appealing. This game allows you to come very close to all your NBA dreams.

It is an excellent start for basketball beginners and those who are more advanced. You can start with the fundamentals and grow in the game to higher levels. Up Your Game is a feature that helps players to do exactly that – up their game by improving specific skills.

One of the best things about NBA 2K22 is its immersive experience and realistic play. Players can choose if they want to play for fun or more seriously by focusing on certain skills to get to the next level.

NBA 2K22 is one of the best basketball games (if not the best) you can get on Switch. You can purchase this game on the Nintendo website for $59.99.

Although the NBA 2K franchise games can be pretty pricey compared to many other basketball games on Nintendo Switch, you’ll be rewarded with the excellent core gameplay, innovative features, and the NBA theme.


  • Realistic gameplay with great presentation
  • Create your own team with NBA stars
  • Refined core gameplay


  • The mode MyCareer can be particularly slow
  • Slow loading screens

2. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2

While similar to the NBA 2K core series, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is more about arcade basketball. A sequel to Playgrounds 1, it has definitely shown improvements in individual and competitive modes. There is a season mode for single players, where each season includes 14 games and then a best-of-three playoff.

There are four levels of difficulty in season mode, and the higher levels can be quite challenging. Considering a game is around 3 minutes, it should take a few hours to complete the season.

The time taken to play through an entire season is not even that long, which is great for those that don’t want to spend days on one season.

You can choose between online and couch co-op for the multiplayer mode with other competitors. You can get quite competitive with online mode, especially if other players are on the same level as you and better.

Various legends and pros are available in this game, including Hall of Fame players. For instance, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are featured players. Players can make elaborate and intricate moves, depending on their skill set. Some of it can feel a little over the top.


  • Perfect for arcade basketballers
  • Good competition with an online community
  • Season mode makes it possible to complete an entire season in a few hours


  • Very similar to the first Playgrounds version

3. Desktop Basketball

Desktop Basketball is a fun and easy-to-learn basketball game on Nintendo Switch. It includes different scenes like playing in amusement parks or factories. Still, playing on a standard basketball court is also available. You can play in single mode or with up to 4 people.

Compared to some other basketball games on Nintendo Switch, Desktop Basketball is much more affordable. The tournament includes the Championship Cup, which will test your abilities. Other features help you reach the next levels, such as points from playing different modes.

Players can receive new uniforms and formations with these points as well. Suppose you especially want to practice your shooting. In that case, there is also a mini-game component where you can practice your accuracy.


  • Controls are easy and quick to learn
  • Customize teams and play against friends


  • Not as advanced as other games like NBA

4. Dunk Lords

Dunk Lords is a bit of a twist on the classic basketball game. It is a two-on-two game with lots of extravagant moves and epic dunks.

With lots of special effects, this game is quite entertaining. This game is not only about basketball but also about fighting. You can choose from 20 players in the game, each boasting their own set of interesting abilities.

There are three different modes: Arcade, Gauntlet, and Story mode. The first is the most traditional, where you play with 1 to 4 players. The second is where you play with 1 to 2 other players and have to aim for four wins in a row.

Lastly, Story mode follows a narrative where an aspiring star player and his friends must try to become Dunk Lords.

All modes can be seen as fast-paced, with an emphasis on dunks. During the game, players can earn money which can be spent on things like buying new gear. Money can be earned by winning and, of course, amazing dunks.


  • A spin on traditional basketball
  • Several different modes


  • Does not include licenses of players or teams
  • Not aimed at mastering techniques

5. Street Basketball

Street Basketball on Nintendo Switch is great for those that enjoy playing basketball games but are not too invested. It takes on the typical cartoon game style with a simple layout. Each character has unique abilities, so you can choose the one you identify with most. There are up to 19 different characters.

Street Basketball is a one-on-one type of game where you can duel with another player. The more you improve your game, the more outfits you can choose from.

The game’s rules are simplified, so they are very easy to follow, even for beginners. The main elements work well and give players a fun platform to play one-on-one basketball.


  • Easy and simple game
  • Statistics to track improvement and skills


  • Graphics are simplistic
  • Presentation is worse than other basketball games

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