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5 Best Bowling Games On Nintendo Switch 

Originally gaining popularity on Nintendo Wii, bowling games have been a staple in fun or complex sports gaming entertainment. The Nintendo Switch has since then published various bowling games for the bowling enthusiast.

Many Nintendo Switch games will be published with mini-games, whereas many sports releases will include a bowling game.

5 Best bowling games on Nintendo Switch:

  • Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics
  • Instant Sports Summer Games
  • PBA Pro Bowling
  • Desktop Bowling 
  • Nintendo Switch Sports – Bowling 

1. Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics

Well known for its fan-favorite bowling game. Published by Nintendo, Clubhouse Games include a collection of 51 board games such as bowling, chess, and many more. Players can share touch screens on the Nintendo Switch as well as compete with players online.

Competitive players are able to enhance and train their skills with multiple difficulty levels of CPU opponents. The game provides a fairly complex and realistic version of bowling however is still easily accessible for amateur and beginner players. Clubhouse Games retails at $39.99.

Additionally, players can play on the handheld mode or on a larger screen. Players are able to enjoy high-quality games with leaderboards creating a competitive incentive.


  • Handheld mode or larger screen compatibility 
  • Realistic and challenging 
  • Ability to train with multiple difficulty CPU opponents
  • Multiple mini-games available


  • Price point 
  • Multiplayer engine such as game finding is clumsy 

2. Instant Sports Summer Games

Instant Sports Summer games is part of the “Instant Sports” series released to Nintendo Switch. Instant Sports Summer Games bowling represents a previously fan favorite original Wii Bowling.

This Nintendo Switch game brings back customizable Mii-style characters for the nostalgic feeling and the ability to unlock items. 

The bowling game of Instant Sports summer presents a very casual or laid-back approach to bowling, and players are able to support up to 8 players in offline multiplayer mode. Instant sport summer games retail at $19.99.

Motion control availability in the bowling gives it a nostalgic feeling to its previous known Wii Sports bowling. The game, unfortunately, lacks the feature to angle your in-game player however presents a mini-game in bowling with obstacle dodging, with is very popular.


  • Motion controls option enabled
  • Multiple sports 


  • Lack of ability to play without motion controls
  • Very simplified to ensure it targets a casual audience
  • Graphical limitations 

3. PBA Pro Bowling

PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) pro bowling developed by Farsight Studios was released in October 2019.

The popular bowling game is designed to emulate the most realistic bowling simulation. It is an officially licensed PBA product and offers many real PBA tour professionals such as Belmo, Water Ray, and Butterff.

The game offers extensive playtime with 100+ virtual tournaments and allows PBA enthusiasts to play against other online players in tournaments. 

PBA Pro Bowling also allows players to play in local multiplayer modes with commentary from PBA legends Randy Pederson and Rob Stone.

Realism and attention to detail are a must in PBA pro bowling. Players will be able to experience authentic PBA tour oil patterns and real licensed bowling balls from various manufacturers with the current Brunswick license pins and lane equipment.

The game, PBA Pro Bowling, retails at around $14.99, and the ultimate starter pack is $49.99.


  • Realistic bowling simulation 
  • Extensive career mode with 100+ virtual tournaments and challenges
  • Ability to train with multiple difficulty CPU opponents
  • Controls are responsive and intuitive
  • Easy to grasp
  • Motion controls for swinging the joycon and standard controls 


  • Cost
  • Scope and gameplay, although there is a career mode
  • Lacks difficulty or complexity 

4. Desktop Bowling 

Desktop bowling is another title released from the Desktop sports series. Desktop Bowling is a cartoony-themed bowling game that includes themed lanes that display Japanese and prehistoric styles integrated into the modern-day portrayal. Desktop Bowling retails at around $7.39 and is often seen on sale for $3.

As stated in the title, Desktop Bowling lets users play bowling while playing it on a desktop. The game has many different bowling balls to unlock, with different designs and colors ranging to different lane themes such as beaches, zoos, or Jurassic Park themed.

Desktop bowling does have a “quest mode” where players will play against CPU with varying difficulties and a “quick game” mode where players can host up to 6 people tournaments. 

The gameplay also presents optional motion controls, and playing with the Switch controller is very user-friendly. Desktop bowling includes quests, multiplayer matches, parties, tournament challenges, capsule strikes, and mini-game modes.


  • Affordable 
  • Variety of content 
  • Demo version 
  • Can play with friends against CPU


  • Scope and gameplay
  • Too easy to master 

5. Nintendo Switch Sports – Bowling 

A fan-favorite and a classic from the original Nintendo Wii is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Bowling on Nintendo Switch sports now comes with online tournaments with multiple different challenges modes and also an exclusive mode for a local multiplayer mode where many Nintendo fans can share and enjoy bowling experiences together. 

With a brand feature called “simultaneous mode” players can bowl all at the same time instead of having to take turns bowling one by one. Another unique feature they have packed into this edition of bowling on Nintendo Switch sports is a special mode where players are tasked to navigate their ball down a bowling lane with obstacles.

Wii has brought a sense of teamwork and excitement in team bowling, with high-fiving and howling in some moments in the game.

The game includes many intricacies, such as bowling ball curving included in the bowling experience. Nintendo Switch Sports retails at $39.99 for its digital version and $49.99 for its physical version. 


  • Special features such as simultaneous mode  
  • Cosmetic character rewards 
  • Multiple sport mini-games
  • Playing with friends and family compatibility 
  • Simple and easy for all age groups 


  • Price point 
  • Missing features and modes from the original Wii Sports 
  • Limited difficulty modes and no training modes 

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