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5 Best Tennis Games On Nintendo Wii

When it comes to sporting games of any form, the Wii was sure to be a desirable candidate, especially when its technology was way ahead of the pack initially.

There are many forms of sporting games that can be played on the Wii, and one that was likely to be an instant hit was tennis. This is primarily due to how the game is naturally played and the Wii controller being perfect for it.

5 Best tennis games on Nintendo Wii:

  • Top Spin 4
  • Wii Sports
  • Grand Slam Tennis
  • Virtua Tennis 4
  • Sega Superstars Tennis

1. Top Spin 4

One of the main reasons this game places first on our list is that it offers graphics that are simply unmatchable by the others on this list.

Although other games had reasons for using far less realistic imagery, Top Spin 4 opted differently. They went for a game that made you feel like these are actual tennis players you see going head-to-head on your screen. Visually, it is remarkable.

In quite a few games, the types of shot selection are far less than those found in this game, and the speed at which the game plays out adds to the realism factor of the game.

In some ways, the game offers some little extra elements that also add a nice touch. Such as, the “actual player” is clothed in apparel and equipment sponsored by brands.

When it comes to gameplay, this one certainly stands out as somewhat more complicated and challenging to master. For many, this is a massive draw-card as it caters to those who want to experience gameplay closer to the real deal.

There are various versions of this game, but the top pick has to be the fourth version for us. It is an advanced game for Wii, coming with some challenges; there are learning curves on how to master the game, and there are more accessible games.

However, with that said, if you are after a realistic game for your Wii and hope to be challenged, then no game gets better than this.


  • Incredibly realistic graphics
  • In-depth career mode
  • Offers challenging gameplay
  • Has licensed players and courts


  • Online play can lag
  • Challenging for novices

2. Wii Sports

This was one of, if not the initial games on this list, that allowed Nintendo Wii players to place themselves into the position of a tennis player and get onto the court.

Some may argue it is not worth being listed but hear us out. It is straightforward to play and makes it accessible to players of all levels, and because of this, all can enjoy the game, not only those who have the time to learn the ropes.

If you own a Wii, you have likely played Wii Sports which includes five sports and among them is the fantastic game of tennis.

The developers made the game immensely simple and easy for people to play, which makes it a great game for casual family and friend get-togethers. However, at the same time, it also showed us what the Wii is capable of, especially for those new to the console.

The one major downside to the game is that you do not have control over the movement of the players. Still, when it comes to the swing and hitting the ball back over the net, it replicates the feel of using a standard tennis racquet rather well.

Yes, there are limitations on the sort of shots that you can play, but the ones you can pull off are easy to learn.

So even if you have people who never play video games or are die-hard PC gamers visiting, this is a good option. They will all find it a breeze to step in and even perhaps have a game or two that becomes somewhat competitive.


  • Some customization available
  • Remarkably easy to learn
  • Initially came with new consoles
  • Fun for every level of player


  • Lacks depth and detail
  • Players control shots only

3. Grand Slam Tennis

Many other companies lowered the level of graphics for games on the Wii during its early stages; this was especially true when contrasting the visuals to consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation.

However, although this game had a somewhat cartoon-like look and feel, during its release, it was arguably one of the most realistic Wii tennis games up until that point.

The game not only held good graphics, but players also enjoyed the ability to play as some of the top players due to licensing. Additionally, unlike Wii Sports, gamers were afforded the opportunity to move their characters around and possessed far more control over the gameplay.

This game allowed gamers to play with top-tier players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Serena Williams, among others.

And adding this feature was a great move on the developers’ part, as it made the game feel much more immersive. This was topped off with the real-life courts and the in-game commentary that enhanced the sense of realism.

From the starting gate, the game offered online play; however, that has died off over the years following the initial release, but those who enjoyed it would have been thrilled with the high level of competitiveness.

Another outstanding component of the game, which unfortunately will no longer be of relevance, but was noted initially, was the relatively good online connection during play.

Looking back now, the game will not be awarded anything for its graphics, but it undoubtedly stood out initially.

Another component that is still relevant is that the game emphasized the importance of offering outstanding gameplay. Many would still argue that it is among not just the best tennis games but the top Wii sports games in general.


  • Realistic graphics and characteristics
  • Initial online play was impressive
  • Licensed pro players and courts
  • Great overall gameplay


  • Characters were a bit cartoonish
  • Net play is rather challenging
  • Online play died off

4. Virtua Tennis 4

When compiling a list of some of the best tennis games available, one would have to consider the Virtua Tennis series. And when it comes to the five best tennis games for Nintendo Wii, none other stands out more than Virtua Tennis 4.

This series undoubtedly shone a light on how a company could emulate the magnificence of a virtual tennis game.

Some may argue that the fourth installment is not the absolute best in the series; however, it certainly has character. It outshines many other tennis games by more than a mere margin.

Contradicting this, though, a reason why this game is not higher up on the list is that some felt the game stuck to its initial roots and did not evolve with the times.

The critics went after its arcade style of gameplay, the type of animations, and the sound effects that made one feel like the game was actually from the 90s. On the flip side, some felt that sticking with this format was a great idea and decided it worked well and in the game’s favor. 

A lovely addition to this game is its World Tour mode, which is more than worth mentioning. It allowed players to create their characters and compete over four seasons. This allowed them to then attempt to win as many stars as possible.

Overall, if you want a game that takes you back in time, offers good gameplay, and is relatively challenging, then this is for you.


  • Received favorable reviews
  • Excellent World Tour mode
  • Plays like a classic
  • Offers a range of gameplay elements
  • Appeals to a broad audience


  • Seems outdated to some
  • Controls are too simple
  • Sound effects are unrealistic
  • Did not measure up to some competitors

5. Sega Superstars Tennis

Owing to the Sonic and Sega Superstars racing games, the concept of finding the top Sega characters coming together within a game, is not entirely a strange or foreign notion and is one that we readily accept.

However, When Sega Superstars Tennis was released, it was the first of its kind. This game allowed fans to view Sonic, Golden Axe, Jet Set Radio, and more interacting.

Though this was a lure, the game still needed to deliver on other fronts, and thankfully, it did just that. The game is comparable to the Virtua Tennis gameplay.

For fans and gamers in general, this was an excellent selling point. Bringing together the most iconic members, such as Sonic and Ulala from Space Channel 5, was undoubtedly the game’s bedrock.

The idea was simple yet effective; if these characters could hop into go-karts and race, they could most surely meet each other on the tennis court.

There are standard matches in terms of gameplay, but the game also includes their actual bait, the Superstars Mode. This is a grouping of minigames and missions that were inspired by SEGA’s back catalog.


  • A character fan favorite
  • Great overall gameplay
  • Addition of minigames and missions


  • No online platform
  • Not a realistic or serious tennis game
  • Perceived as childish by some

Our Top Pick

All of the above are great contenders for this pick, but we have to go with number one, which is Top Spin 4. People sometimes look for something a bit unrealistic when it comes to sports games. However, the graphics in this game certainly shine, and with things like licensed players and courts, it has to take first place.

Additionally, the career mode is lovely, and the gameplay offers any player a more than adequate level of challenge. Understandably, novices may opt out of this one, but if you are looking for a genuine tennis match feel, this is the game for you!

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