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5 Best Tennis Games On PC

If you are a fan of tennis and have no idea what game to play next, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of great tennis games available, but we can help you find your next favorite game.

We’ve put together a great list of tennis games you can play on your laptop or computer! But, beware, you might get addicted.

5 Best tennis games on PC:

  • Top Spin 4
  • Tennis Manager
  • Tennis world tour
  • Tennis elbow
  • Full ace tennis simulator

1. Top Spin 4

If you’re a fan of tennis games, Top Spin 4 is one of the best. Top Spin 4 allows you to play as one of 25 professional tennis players, like Michael Chang.

The developers of Top Spin bring you thousands of signature-style animations, making the players and actions look realistic. In addition, different clothing styles, appearances, celebrations, swing styles, and behaviors exist. The career mode is also extensive.

Move up the ranks and experience a thrilling atmosphere in the stadium. This game is excellent for both beginner and advanced players. Though there is a learning curve, you will feel comfortable in no time.


  • 4000 signature style animations
  • Realistic players and actions
  • Easy controls
  • Play as one of the 25 professional tennis players
  • Realistic stadium and crowd effects
  • For all experience levels
  • Great audio effects.
  • Great camera effects
  • Amazing graphics
  • A lot of character creation customization


  • It does not have an online multiplayer option
  • Some reviewers complain the controls are inaccurate at times
  • Career mode isn’t something to write home about

2. Tennis Manager 2022

If you are looking for something slightly different, Tennis Manager will be fun for you. Here you do not play tennis. In this game, you play a team manager who manages an academy and trains upcoming tennis stars.

The 2022 version brings you new players and several updates. There are over 2 000 tournaments and 5000 players. You can negotiate contracts and do everything you need to do with being a tennis manager.

The game is easy to understand if you have played these “manager” games. Remember, in this game; you don’t actually get to play matches; you only manage your players, so the game might not be for everyone.

However, you can change tactics and motivate your player from the side. Also, unlike its predecessors, you can upgrade your academy.

The aim is to impress your directors and pick the best staff to take your team to the next level. One of your responsibilities is to design training programs that fit well with your players and their abilities.

You also get to speak at press conferences. This is truly an immersive game where you get to manage and coach your players in real-time.


  • Create your own players
  • Negotiate contracts
  • More than 2000 tournaments
  • More than 5000 players
  • Immersive gaming
  • Manage your academy


  • Not the best graphics when comparing it to other tennis games
  • Audio is not the best
  • Physics is lacking when comparing it to other games
  • They use fake names and not real tennis players

3. Tennis World Tour 2

If you’re looking to experience true realistic tennis, Tennis World Tour 2 is perfect for you. You can create your player or play as one of the world’s top tennis players. Rise up the ranks! What’s excellent about this game is that you can challenge your friends, either online or locally.

You can purchase the complete edition that gives you all the content available. It includes 48 official tennis players, the base game, all the stars’ signature moves, exciting tennis courts (Roland-Garros and the Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne-Lenglen, and Simonne-Mathieu).

The ATP Cup, Tennis Opens (Madrid Open, Halle Open), various clothing styles and equipment. In addition, tennis World Tour’s gameplay is smooth, and there are no slow loading times.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Create your own player
  • Play as one of the world’s top players
  • Realistic tennis
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Fast loading times


  • Not easy to learn, so not really for beginner or casual players
  • Lacks authenticity
  • Not very realistic
  • Lacks depth

4. Tennis Elbow 4

Tennis Elbow 4 is one of the most realistic tennis games. The physics are incredible, and it is the perfect game for gamers and tennis fans. It’s easy to learn too. This game will test your tactical skills and reflexes. It has different difficulty levels, so it is excellent for both casual players and experts.

There are more than 3500 players and 400 tournaments annually. Tournaments include junior and pro tournaments. This game also allows you to experience a real professional player’s career. Additionally, there are 21 stadiums and also singles and doubles competitions.


  • The actions of the players are realistic
  • Realistic emotions
  • Different court surfaces
  • Six difficulty levels
  • More than 3500 players
  • More than 400 tournaments
  • Realistic tennis experience


  • The graphics could have been better
  • Lacks detail

5. Full Ace Tennis Simulator

If you love the strategy and detail of tennis, Full Ace Tennis Simulator is a great option. There are excellent matches you can play. To enjoy this game to the fullest, invest in a controller. Full Ace can be played offline too, and has a friendly online community.

The matches are realistic and look like real tennis. The detail that went into Full Ace is astounding, with accurate ball trajectory and effects.

You can also personalize your player’s look and abilities. Full Ace offers a full tutorial to understand how to play the game. There’s a menu where you can go to each lesson afterward.


  • The game is very realistic
  • You can play online and offline
  • Shared screen
  • Online PvP
  • Deep gameplay
  • Can play with other players remotely


  • Reviewers complain of some stuttering
  • Hard to find online matches
  • No names of actual players
  • Not a casual game

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