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5 Best Tennis Games On PS4

Finding the best tennis games on PS4 can be quite a challenge, given the limited number of tennis games suitable for PS4.

However, we’ve researched and found the five best tennis games on PS4 to ensure you can nurture your love for tennis. Let’s explore the five best tennis games on PS4 so you can enjoy the most realistic tennis experience in your home.

5 Best tennis games on PS4:

  • Tennis World Tour
  • AO Tennis 2
  • Super Tennis Blast
  • Everybody’s Tennis
  • Timber Tennis: Versus

1. Tennis World Tour 2

Tennis World Tour has risen from the ashes over the years, as it was initially known as one of the tennis games that created a very unrealistic user experience. The game had numerous issues, including the inability to play online, which detracted from the multiplayer experience that all PS4 players love.

However, Tennis World Tour has significantly improved over the years and has become one of the top tennis games on PS4.

The basic version of Tennis World Tour is relatively affordable and easily accessible. Additionally, there is the Roland-Garros Edition which is more expensive but may be a worthwhile purchase for avid tennis players.

On Tennis World Tour, you’ll be able to play as one of the top 30 tennis players in the world, including Roger Federer, Stan Wawrinka, and Angelique Kerber.

With an unequaled tactical dimension, you’ll have the opportunity to decide which strategy you’d like to adopt for each match and use skill cards to defeat your opponents.

With a complete career mode, you’ll be able to create your player to undergo the real professional tennis player experience, including training, staff management, tournaments, and equipment purchases. The game boasts 18 hard, clay, carpet, grass, and hardwood courts.


  • Career mode to create your own player
  • Variety of locations to play in
  • Online play option and quick play option
  • Realistic animations


  • Not very beginner friendly
  • It takes a significant amount of time to learn to play optimally
  • Inadequate timing-based shot system

2. AO Tennis 2

AO Tennis 2 is a game that allows players to play as if they were in the Australian Open.

One of the most frustrating aspects of AO Tennis 2 is its loading time. Naturally, you would like your game to load the second you open it. Unfortunately, AO Tennis 2 will not meet that desire, as you’ll likely wait a minute or two before the game loads.

Another downside of the game is that its graphics are not the best. While it looks mildly realistic, the character models are somewhat underwhelming and give an outdated impression. However, where it lacks in graphics, it makes up in gameplay.

As expected, AO Tennis 2 has a creator mode that allows you to customize various features of the players. However, the career mode is what we find most exciting.

In career mode, you can start from scratch by training to improve your skills and growing your reputation by playing in local tournaments. Nonetheless, if you’re determined to hop right into playing tennis, you can pick your desired character and begin a tournament instantly.


  • Fully-fledged career mode
  • Multiple Game Modes
  • Beginner friendly
  • Numerous professional tennis players


  • Games take a long time to load
  • Graphics are subpar

3. Super Tennis Blast

Super Tennis Blast has a cartoon-like appearance, which can easily deceive you into thinking that this tennis game is for kids.

However, Super Tennis Blast is likely actually to challenge your tennis skills and even provides customization options to make the tennis match more challenging if you feel that you’re not being sufficiently challenged by the general modes.

Super Tennis Blast has a jovial aesthetic, with colorful backgrounds and features that allow you to choose your avatar from numerous pre-set models. On this tennis game, you can play with a friend in local multiplayer and have the option of playing a game of doubles.

Unfortunately, Super Tennis Blast does not have the greatest variety of content. Nonetheless, the game has features that can make you feel like a tennis pro while also offering features that focus on the main aspects of tennis, providing an all-around wholesome tennis experience.


  • Easy to learn
  • Fun aesthetic
  • Focuses on core aspects of tennis


  • Limited content options
  • It can feel repetitive due to the limited content
  • Not very challenging for advanced tennis players

4. Everybody’s Tennis

Everybody’s Tennis is a beginner-friendly, cartoon-themed tennis game. In terms of gameplay, there are three modes to choose from, namely: challenge mode, training mode, and tennis with everybody.

In challenge mode, you compete with computer-controlled opponents to unlock rewards like costumes for characters and access to more courts to play on. In “tennis with everybody,” you get to play matches with up to 4 players.

Finally, in training mode, you can practice positioning and work on timing shorts. Here you can select service, smash, volley, and general practice options.

Everybody’s Tennis is best known for being very responsive and is often the go-to game for players who like to play doubles.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Entertaining


  • Not very challenging
  • Some glitches

5. Timber Tennis: Versus

Timber Tennis: Versus is a PS4 tennis game that competitive individuals will love! While it has an animated appearance, players are able to take part in the “Timber Tennis World Championships,” where they can compete against rivals, display their special skills, and collect awesome prizes.

The game has simplified controls which make it beginner-friendly. Unfortunately, the beginner-friendly aspect may cause the game to be underwhelming for more experienced players.

However, despite the simplified controls, the game still boasts challenging gameplay, with the opportunity to play against others, which can make the game rather engaging nonetheless.


  • Easy to learn
  • Affordable
  • Engaging


  • Simplified controls can cause boredom.
  • The single-player game lacks depth

Our Top Pick

While all five of these tennis games are great options to play on your PS4, AO Tennis 2 is our top pick.

Out of all the games, AO Tennis is the most beginner-friendly while also accommodating more experienced players, thanks to its advanced features. Although the game can be faulted for not having the best graphics, its gameplay makes up for it all.

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