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7 Best Bowling Games On PC

Undoubtedly, some people simply aren’t very good at sports, especially bowling. In this situation, video games are helpful.

You can play bowling games to satisfy your bowling itch if you’re not a strong bowler, there isn’t a bowling alley nearby, or you just aren’t in the mood to visit one. The bowling list below is made up of all the best PC bowling games that every bowling PC game should strive to be.

Here are the 7 best bowling games on PC.

1. PBA Pro Bowling 2021

PBA Pro Bowling 2021 is a phenomenal game. It isn’t surprising that it is at the top of the list. There is no doubt that this is a game that takes itself seriously and is here to stay.

This is demonstrated by the professional bowlers association accepting the bowling simulation, which enables users to participate in various bowling tournaments while lounging at home on their computers.

Gamers can enjoy a variety of modes, including career, multiplayer, tournaments, etc. Gamers can also play a one-off game or practice their techniques in a real bowling experience.

This bowling game, in an innovative move, goes a step further by giving bowlers feedback while they bowl and even statistics on how likely the shot is to succeed.

Even better, players may earn currency while engaging in any player mode, allowing them to unlock additional bowling balls, characters, and locations. Therefore, gamers will constantly advance regardless of what they do. It goes without saying that this PC bowling game gives others a run for their money.


  • The Career mode has been revamped
  • Solid presentation and commentary of stats and success rate


  • Controls are the same as in previous versions
  • No redesign of certain aspects like player’s reactions

2. Premium Bowling

The game’s enjoyable and exquisitely realistic graphics and the background music significantly increase how well bowling mechanics are simulated. The fact that players feel like they are in an actual bowling alley is proof that the game was created with virtual reality in mind.

Additionally, Premium bowling has by far the most relaxed approach to bowling physics on a PC. In this game, the angle of throwing, ball strength, etc., are all heavily taken into account. Unique mechanics and oil patterns have been added to assist players in directing the ball.

Additionally, ball statistics based on hook, weight, and length are offered. Premium Bowling features an absurd number of options, and the level of customization available for everything from graphics to feedback on bowling performance is unmatched.


  • Great deal of potential for multiplayer
  • Mechanics are first-rate


  • Limited finesse in graphics
  • No value added above a simple game of bowling

3. Brunswick Pro Bowling

This ten-pin bowling game created by Point of View pushes the sport into the realm of pure simulation. The best and most enjoyable feature of this game is its realism.

For instance, the sound of a bowler rolling the ball is accurate. Additionally, how the bowling pins move after being struck by the ball appears realistic. This game is among the best in pin and ball physics.

Furthermore, players can choose from several renowned professionals and build their own opponent using the bowler function. Additionally, there are other bowling modes available, including exhibition, practice, and cosmic bowling. Locations all across the world are accessible to gamers.


  • Greater multiplayer possibilities
  • A more approachable Career mode
  • A nice selection of modes and choices is provided


  • Presentation is disappointing
  • Standard generic gear

4. Pure Bowl VR Bowling

Look no further if you’re looking for one of the top VR bowling games for the PC. Thanks to its gorgeous visuals, this game does an excellent job of standing out from other games of a similar genre.

The controls and mechanics of the game could take some getting used to, but once you do, you’ll be able to tweak your parameters.

In no time, players will be playing at a professional level. Additionally, there are intricate lane dynamics, a wide range of options for both novices and experts, and the option of playing solo or in the hot seat.

Advanced physics was incorporated into this game’s design from the ground up for VR in order to simulate real bowling.


  • Lane’s physics was fairly great
  • In general, graphics are appealing


  • Producing consistent shots is challenging
  • Fewer alternatives for lanes

5. PePiBo Peregrino Pinata Bowling

The game is relatively simple and perfect for bowling lovers of all ages, despite the name being a bit of a tongue twister. The only way to save the city’s inhabitants from the monster is to defeat an evil dragon in a succession of pieta bowling battles.

Due to the game’s mechanics, or physics puzzler similar to another well-known game called angry bird, except players are bowling, is a very well-liked PC game. This video game boasts a gorgeous setting with excellent graphics, artwork, and level design.


  • Excellent level design


  • They are not as entertaining or have the same power as Angry Birds

6. HyperBowl

This classic bowling PC game, first published as an arcade game, is one of many bowlers’ all-time favorites. The ball is entirely in the players’ control in HyperBowl until it strikes the pins, making it unique.

Furthermore, it awards points in a manner identical to that of traditional bowling. The plus and unity engine editions are just two examples of the numerous editions of this game.

Players only have 30 seconds to get the ball to the pins while overcoming various obstacles, some of which are more challenging than others. While some are narrower and shorter, others are like lanes on a choppy ship, making accuracy difficult. For those feeling nostalgic, this is an excellent game.


  • Players move through various environments.
  • Lanes are both challenging and visually appealing


  • Not the best graphics

7. Zombie Bowl O Rama

This game mixes two different genres. The creator’s Mumbo Jumbo essentially offers players a game in which bowling and zombies collide. The story’s basic premise is that a meteor hit the earth and raised the dead.

Players must defeat them in bowling games to send them back to their tombs. The graphics in this game aren’t the best. However, while knocking out zombies with bowling balls is amusing on its own, the charms and twists add to the excitement of this spooky-themed bowling game.

Each time players play, various power-ups will spawn within gravestones down the lane, giving players something more to shoot at aside from the zombies lumbering in their direction. If you’re looking for some fun bowling, look no further than Zombie Bowl O Rama.


  • The presence of power-ups that resemble gravestones adds to the chaos and enjoyment of this zombie sporting event
  • Enjoyable and overshadows anything else
  • Controls offer a lot of latitudes


  • Uses the same gameplay principles as other free-to-play computer bowling games

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