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7 Best Cricket Video Games Of All Time

Cricket fans enjoy consuming their sport in various ways, such as test matches on TV, cricket-themed podcasts, and video games.

While cricket video games are usually more limited than basketball, some classics have been released over the last two decades. If you want to play a high-quality cricket game, look no further:

7 Best cricket video games of all time:

  • 1. Don Bradman Cricket 2017
  • 2. Tabletop Cricket
  • 3. Cricket 19
  • 4. Cricket Captain 2019
  • 5. Ea Cricket 2007
  • 6. Ashes Cricket
  • 7. Cricket Captain 2021

1. Don Bradman Cricket 2017

Don Bradman Cricket 2017 was named after the greatest batsman of all time, Don Bradman. Due to its exemplary quality, Don Bradman Cricket 2017 is on top of most video cricket game lists.

The Australian batter maintained an average of nearly 100 over his playing career, mimicking his batting quality in this exceptional cricket video game. Don Bradman Cricket 2017 has an extensive range of quality features visible throughout the game-playing experience.

The game’s visual effects, crowd noise, and batting techniques are unmatched by any other cricket video game. In addition, Don Bradman Cricket 2017 sports an enthralling and captivating career mode, allowing players to thoroughly develop their chosen team, its players, and even famed global cricketing grounds.

Despite being relatively old for a video game, as you progress through the game, it becomes clear that no other cricket video game is on the same level. Initially, players are required to play and succeed in local cricket structures, adding fundamentally realistic elements to the game.

Once your chosen cricketer has graduated from local structures, they will be invited to the national cricket team. However, as your cricket character progresses through the various levels of professional cricket, they are required to deal with various aspects expected of real-life professional cricketers.

Dealing with realistic off-field cricketing issues usually requires nimble movements around interpersonal dramas, selection disappointments, national politics, and favoritism. Furthermore, the batting selection process is complicated, adding to player intrigue as they progress through the game.

Once the batting shot has been completed, the visuals are stunning and addictive, with these two aspects easily separating Don Bradman Cricket 2017 from any of its competitors.


  • Realistic career mode
  • Outstanding visuals and batting shots


  • Lacks multiplayer functionality
  • More than five years old
  • No official International Cricket Council license

2. Tabletop Cricket

Tabletop Cricket is one of the most popular video cricket games ever produced despite being vastly different from any of its direct competitors.

In Tabletop Cricket, players are required to control a group or team of cricketers from a birds-eye view, meaning that you essentially manipulate them from a tabletop setting. The game is similar to another classic known as Big Bash Boom, with the characters sporting out-of-proportion heads and features.

Tabletop Cricket was not designed to be the most realistic cricket game; instead, the game’s creators focused on strategy, the enjoyment factor, and fast-paced gameplay. As you play the game, your characters will be required to take part in world tour matches.

A world tour match occurs much faster than normal cricket games, dramatically increasing the intensity and thrill experienced when playing the video game. Another distinguishing factor of Tabletop Cricket is its wide variety of game offerings.

The single-player mode is currently the most popular setting, as gamers have endless opportunities to challenge themselves no matter how experienced. In addition, the game offers a seamless multiplayer function, allowing players to challenge their friends in real life and over virtual connections.

Moreover, Tabletop Cricket sports are a world tour mode. The world tour mode enables players to compete with many different teams in various countries globally. However, to complete the world tour mode, gamers must play more than 60 competitive matches. The enjoyment factor of this game separates it from its competitors, which is demonstrated throughout the seamless gameplay.


  • The enjoyment factor is high
  • Many different and challenging game modes
  • Seamless multiplayer mode


  • Lack of realistic shot and team selection
  • Designed for team strategy and not individual gameplay

3. Cricket 19

Since its release in 2018, Cricket 19 has remained a favorite among cricket gaming enthusiasts. Cricket 19 is unique as players can choose between different teams from Australia and England.

Cricket 19 is similar to other currently available cricket video games. However, it separates itself by allowing players to select from a wide range of current and past cricketing legends from Australia or England. In addition, gamers can select cricket teams that are not only professional such as club teams, county teams, and provincial teams.

Furthermore, players can select either women’s or men’s teams, with this feature being exclusive to Cricket 19. In addition, the graphics offered in Cricket 19 are exemplary, and the realistic crowd noise combined with accurate commentary is something to behold.

While the overall gameplay is more than sufficient, the realism involved in the bowling process is continuously demonstrated.

Belling a perfect ball in Cricket 19 will require significant practice and skill, adding to the game’s complexity. In career mode, players can create their teams and clubs, adding to the game’s addictive nature.


  • Wide variety of women’s and men’s team offerings
  • Outstanding graphics and gameplay
  • Realistic bowling


  • No multiplayer game mode
  • Player selections have not been updated since 2019

4. Cricket Captain 2019

Cricket Captain 2019 is an outstanding and captivating cricket video game. Cricket Captain 2019 can be played on many different platforms, making it an exciting alternative to watching live cricket.

The main focus of Cricket Captain 2019 is its career mode, which is enormously detailed and realistic. While playing career mode, gamers have the opportunity to select any country, club, or provincial team, which will keep them entertained for thousands of hours.

The games database of current and past cricketers is extensive, offering thousands of different and appealing options.

Furthermore, the multiplayer game option allows players to instantly challenge their friends to a game of cricket while also enabling them to challenge other gamers of a similar strength to improve their skills.

Interestingly, players can mix current international players with previous legends in their selected teams, enhancing their gaming experience.


  • Extensive and variable career mode
  • Available on most gaming platforms


  • Graphics are substandard
  • Individual play is limited

5. EA Cricket 2007

EA Cricket 2007 was released in late 2006 and is still the most iconic cricket video game of all time.

While the graphics, players, and teams are outdated as it was released more than 15 years ago, the iconic commentary and engaging gameplay mean this is a game that every cricketing enthusiast should at least try once.

Mark Nicholas and Richie Benaud, the two commentators in the game, are appropriate for its gameplay as they are universal game legends.

EA Cricket 2007 was one of the first dedicated cricket video games released, an instant hit due to its accessible and engaging gameplay. Despite having outdated graphics, sounds, and international teams, many gamers still play it from time to time due to its undeniable nostalgia factor.


  • Engaging and accessible gameplay
  • Nostalgia factor
  • Inexpensive


  • Graphics are outdated
  • Players are outdated
  • Not widely available

6. Ashes Cricket

Ashes Cricket is known as the most realistic cricket video game currently available on the market, with it being available on most gaming platforms.

Ashes Cricket mainly focuses on the Ashes tests, which occur every second year between Australia and England. While the players can choose any Ashes team, it performs best when recreating the 2017/2018 series.

In addition, players can select between men’s and women’s teams, making it appealing to a widely enthusiastic supporting audience.

The realism of Ashes Cricket is unmatched by any of its direct competitors, including crowd noise, commentary, batting, and bowling. If you are looking for the most lifelike cricket video game, Ashes Cricket is the clear winner.

It should be noted that Ashes Cricket was the first cricket video simulation game released that was broadly successful. It has been so successful that it has reached previously untapped gaming markets, resulting in increased offerings of cricket video game simulations.

For cricket enthusiasts, the significant interest from a broad audience is fantastic news as they have been deprived of the realistic and advanced video games currently available for most other major global sporting leagues.


  • Outstanding graphics
  • Seamless gameplay experience
  • Various captivating game modes


  • Names of other international sides are not up to date
  • Bowling simulators are often too challenging
  • Occasional framerate issues

7. Cricket Captain 2021

Cricket Captain 2021 is similar to Cricket Captain 2019; however, most of the critical aspects of the game have been significantly improved, making this the most realistic cricket game ever.

This game has intriguing and complex management-orientated gameplay. The game was designed and built to be the most advanced, thorough, and immersive cricketing simulator imaginable, something the game has effortlessly achieved. Importantly, the match engine and graphics have undergone substantial improvements.

Cricket Captain 2021’s core engine enhancements allow players to customize their chosen players and tactics far more extensively.

Players can tweak and move their fielding setup, which increases the likelihood of an out-field player taking a match-winning catch. In addition, bowler tactics have been reworked.

The game series has always been highly regarded for its detailed approach, enhancing player tension, tactical awareness, and general gameplay.

Fans of Cricket Captain 2021 note that the game allows you to customize almost any aspect of the game, from player development to squad selection and even off-season signings.


  • Unmatched gameplay customization
  • Thorough statistical analysis
  • Maintains cricket’s traditional authentic style


  • Graphics are outdated
  • Occasional glitches
  • Niche market

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