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7 Best Pool Video Games Of All Time

Not many people know that pool is among the most popular games globally. People tend to play pool in bars, houses, and recreational facilities. While pool does not have the status of other sports such as tennis, football, or basketball, its popularity has transformed into various video games.

Many pool video games are currently available; however, which are the best?

7 Best pool video games of all time:

  • 1. 8-Ball Pool By Miniclip
  • 2. Snooker Stars
  • 3. Kings Of Pool
  • 4. Pooking: Billiards City
  • 5. Pro Pool
  • 6. Pure Pool
  • 7. Billipool – Ball Shooting

1. 8-Ball Pool By Miniclip

It can be said that anyone with a smartphone has had 8-Ball Pool installed at some point. 8-Ball Pool remains one of the most downloaded games on the Google play store and Apple’s app store.

8-Ball Pool has more than 8 million active daily players, demonstrating its continued popularity and success. The game has mainly been offered as a mobile application; however, it can be played on social media sites, gaming consoles, and personal computers.

8-Ball Pool is so globally revered that it is often the first application installed when purchasing a new phone. The game is especially enjoyable, if not addictive, regarding its tournament offering.

You can earn digital virtual coins as you play and become better at the game. These coins incentivize players to keep coming back as it allows them to enter tournaments and unlock dozens of cues.

Furthermore, you can instantly play 8-Ball Pool with your friends on Apple’s iMessage system and Facebook’s instant messaging platform.

Many 8-Ball Pool fans note that the game has an enormous amount of exciting content, such as different levels of competitive pool tournaments and relatable side games such as Spin to Win and Scratch Cards.

As a video game, 8-Ball Pool is exceptional. The pool game is known to come standard with crystal-clear sightlines, realistic physics, and the smoothest general game mechanics currently available to global consumers.

Miniclip, the game’s creator company, has not rested on its laurels. They have continued to develop 8- Ball Pool by adding modern features, social media integration, and dramatically enhancing the ease of access.

The technological development means that it is straightforward to access, download, and instantly play pool by yourself against virtual competitors and friends.

Moreover, Miniclip has recently introduced a widely successful gift-giving system, which continuously draws players to the game. In addition, the system encourages players to give people more game time while encouraging sharing.

An unseen benefit of this system is that it creates a distinct feeling of competition between offline and online users, further increasing its popularity.


  • Easy to adjust cue sensitivity
  • Customizable screen layout and gameplay
  • Upgrades available with in-game coins


  • Best features require an internet connection
  • To progress, you must play online games
  • To advance in offline games requires online-in game coins

2. Snooker Stars

Snooker Stars is one of the greatest pool games of all time. The game gives users a choice between playing pool, snooker, or billiards, each associated with outstanding graphics.

Snooker Stars is a distinctive pool game with a highly customizable camera setup. The advanced camera capabilities allow players to better handle the pool game from different angles around the table.

In addition, the camera angles allow users to perfect their aim while enhancing their ability to predict where the cue ball will end after the shot has been taken.

While the general mechanics involved in gameplay are similar to other top pool games; however, you should be additionally careful when playing Snooker Stars as the sightlines are shorter.

Furthermore, the game allows users to intensely practice various critical drills, which are useful as you progress further into the game.

Once you are comfortable with the game, which should take less than a day, it is recommended that you challenge an online opponent to demonstrate and enhance your skills. The game has enough levels, challenges, and in-house games to keep even the most experienced players happily occupied for months.


  • Customizable camera angles
  • Multiple in-house games
  • Outstanding graphics


  • Best features require payment
  • Doesn’t support cross-platform play
  • Requires internet connection

3. Kings Of Pool

Kings of Pool has been one of the most popular pool games for decades. The game focuses mainly on online play, which users can access immediately and for free.

Long-time King of Pool players agrees that the dials are located on both sides of the screen, which enables you to adjust the sightline to the exact position required. The main drawcard of Kings of Pool is that the game developers intentionally designed it to be as challenging as possible.

The game’s difficulty means it is aimed toward more experienced players or players looking to challenge and advance their skills. If you can complete this game, it is said that you are a pool-playing expert, ready to challenge anyone brave enough on other similar games.

The game is exceptional and popular due to its bulky physics and shortened sightlines. The game mechanics result in players needing to utilize their gaming instinct or guesswork, which separates good pool players from great ones.

Leader boards, tournaments, and challenges are stimulating enough to keep drawing players back in.

Furthermore, King of Pool is a cross-platform game meaning that you can instantly and virtually challenge your friend no matter the smart application they are using, which importantly includes Facebook Messenger.


  • Challenging for experienced players
  • Advanced graphics
  • Stimulating tournaments, leader boards, and challenges


  • Challenging for the average player
  • Short sightlines

4. Pooking: Billiards City

Pooking: Billiards City is often likened to another enormously popular pool game, 8-Ball Pool. However, Pooking: Billiards City is more addictive, captivating, and polished.

While the general game mechanics are similar to other pool games, Pooking: Billiard City allows users to utilize specific dials on each side of the screen, controlling the power and aim of the shot.

In addition, the pool game offers cross-platform functionality and web play enabling players globally to challenge each other in the blink of an eye.

A major advantage of Pooking: Billiards City is that the game allows users to tune their sight finely, allowing for highly accurate and consistent shots. The pool cue does not drag as far back as 8-Ball Pool, which many players prefer.


  • Smooth gameplay
  • Cross-platform offered
  • Online and offline modes


  • Requires in-app purchases for the best equipment
  • Mainly aimed at single players

5. Pro Pool

Pro Pool is aimed at experienced mobile pool players. Furthermore, the pool video game offers a wide range of realistic techniques and strokes.

While there is a variety of pool techniques and strokes on offer, it is slightly complicated or overwhelming for the average player as the controls are situated within an icon-only menu. However, the initial challenge draws many players in while satisfying long-time pool players.

Pro Pool is offered in offline and online formats, which is convenient since the various training levels required to get to grips with the game can be accessed anytime. A major advantage of Pro over other video pool games is the ability to customize shot types, camera angles, and spin, which is unusual for a mobile video game.


  • Customization
  • Offline and online offerings
  • Entertaining for experienced players


  • Overwhelming at first for the average player
  • Requires in-app purchases to progress

6. Pure Pool

Pure Pool is one of the most well-liked pool games currently on offer. Pure Pool has been famous for years, with many gamers ranking it as one of the best pool video games.

Pure Pool is mostly aimed toward online competitive pool players. In addition, the graphics are enormously advanced for a pool video game, attracting players globally.

Importantly, Pure Pool has enticing leaderboard systems, tournaments, and one-on-one gameplay. A distinguishing feature of the game is the trick shot feature, which offers huge payouts for daily winners.

As with most other video pool games, Pro Pool has some hardcore enthusiasts that have been playing the game at a high level for many years.

These players swear by the game, claiming that no other video pool game has ever improved it over the years. While the game is admired in the pool community, it has more features than most account for.

In contrast to the other pool video games mentioned on this list, Pro Pool offers AR as an optional extra, which allows players to completely immerse themselves in the game as if they were standing behind a table in real life.

You must aim your camera toward any flat surface before the AR situates a realistic pool table on it in front of your eyes.


  • Augmented reality
  • Challenging for experienced players


  • Occasional bugs
  • Does not offer offline play

7. Pool Break Pro

Pool Break Pro is among the best video pool games currently offered on mobile despite being one of the oldest.

As Pool Break Pro is an older game, its creators have chosen to include a wide variety of interesting and stimulating pool games.

These offerings include 3-ball games up to 10-ball games, which can be coupled with other classics such as Crokinole, Carrom, and Snooker. Many Pool Break Pro players note that the various in-house game offerings are what they most enjoy about the game.

Furthermore, the game mechanics are simple yet seamless, making Pool Break Pro one of the most desirable and long-lasting video pool games ever created, especially since it appeals to experienced and casual gamers.


  • Variety of pool-related games
  • Simple gameplay with sufficient integration


  • Hasn’t been updated in two years

Must spend money to gain full functionality, such as online multiplayer

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