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9 Best BBCOR Baseball Bats

BBCOR baseball bats have been around for a while, and many levels use them every single day. They’re meant to be a safer alternative to those with no regulations, and they mostly end up being used at high school and college levels.

What are the nine best BBCOR baseball bats currently sold? Without question, young baseball players have options depending on what makes sense for them. With new releases yearly, these are the best of the best.

1. DeMarini Voodoo One BBCOR baseball bat

Made of a one-piece alloy, this bat is one of the best at staying stiff during contact. Hitters love this because they can leverage their strength through the baseball and drive the ball where they want.

The X14 alloy used by DeMarini is one of the most explosive options on the market. That helps add distance to balls hit hard, as well as speed.

Durability is always a concern with an aluminum bat, but this one keeps its pop a little bit longer than others. It also comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, so anyone having issues with the bat can send it back for a full refund or replacement.

The weight distribution provides a balanced swing for hitters. Power hitters and contact hitters should be able to maximize their bad speed with a setup like this. All in all, the 2022 version of the DeMarini Voodoo One is a well-rounded option for any player.


  • Very stiff alloy
  • Balanced swing
  • Very durable


  • Expensive
  • Design is a bit busy for some

2. Victus Vandal Gold BBCOR baseball bat

Victus originally made its name for its wooden bat, but this Vandel Gold BBCOR baseball bat has inspired a lot of people to make the transition. They go with a ringless barrel design, which gives a little more flexibility on the sweet spot. Even balls that aren’t completely squared up will still have a chance to be hit hard.

They keep the swingweight very balanced on this bat, providing a bit more barrel control than others. To improve control even more, there’s a pro taper handle that also speeds up the bat.

Another addition for balance and control is a carbon composite end cap on the bat. Many reviewers have stated that this feels like the most balanced bat out of the 2022 class. Anyone very particular about their setup will love the extra bit of effort taken to make this special.


  • The most balanced swingweight on the market
  • Carbon composite end cap is a great finishing touch
  • Tapered handle makes it easier to pick up bat speed


  • Some won’t care for the ringless barrel design
  • Handle could be a little tackier

3. Easton ADV Hype BBCOR baseball bat

Easton’s well-known for its two-piece design in metal baseball bats, and this composite BBCOR is no different. With a good balance of power and speed, the first thing people notice is that it feels very light swinging this bat compared to others.

It has a whip-like effect through the strike zone, while still having a stiff feel on contact.

The stiff feel works thanks to the ConneXion Max + Pro-Stiff Carbon handle. Easton spent a lot of time perfecting this setup so that hitters on the fence about a two-piece design won’t find it to be too much of a switch.

Another addition to the 2022 version is that the barrel and sweet spot are a little bit longer. It also keeps its pop a little bit longer, meaning that the bat will provide value throughout its use.


  • Power boost knob works well
  • Swings light
  • Provides a stiff feel on contact


  • Not everyone’s a fan of the two-piece construction
  • The whipping effect takes a little getting used to

4. Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR baseball bat

As a major player in the bat game for years, the Louisville Slugger Meta is another one to check out. It uses EKO composite materials that makes one of the best sweet spots in the game.

The barrel works for all different skill levels, and the balanced weight assures the players can put the ball where they need to.

Using 3FX PWR connection, there is a level of stiffness that’s also delivered with every swing. That means less vibration in the hands, and a more comfortable swing overall.

It’s worth checking out for any player who is frustrated with not feeling completely comfortable in the batter’s box because of a sting in their hands.


  • Balanced swingweight
  • Very comfortable grip
  • Massive barrel


  • Three-piece design isn’t for everyone
  • It seems to lose a little bit of pop somewhat quickly

5. Rawlings Quattro Pro Max BBCOR baseball bat

With a little break-in period, this option from Rawlings is one of the best for power hitters. They have made some changes to not only the pop in the back, but the stiffness in the handle. Now over 30% stiffer, it allows for stronger contact than ever before.

Another benefit for power hitters is the end cap used by Rawlings. It’s one of the latest in the game, promoting a faster swing as an end-loaded bat.

Contact hitters might not like this as much as power hitters, but it’s still well-rounded enough for both.


  • Outstanding power
  • Stiffer handle
  • Solid end cap provides an end-loaded feel


  • Stock bat grip doesn’t last that long
  • A little too end-loaded for some

6. Axe Avenge Pro Hybrid BBCOR baseball bat

The Axe handle isn’t for everyone, but those who fall in love with the setup will have to give this one a try. The handle has been approved for better comfort and control. With the rest of the bat, they’ve also made improvements to make swinging as easy as possible.

This bat is mostly designed for power hitters. There’s additional weight in the barrel to give hitters a bit more mass behind the ball. Even if a player doesn’t barrel the ball up, the suspension technology makes it comfortable enough that it doesn’t send pain through the hands.

Simply put, this is a bat that people need to try in their own hands before they feel like it’s worth it or not. That makes it a little difficult to shop online, but they do offer free returns and a strong manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Three-piece hybrid construction keeps things comfortable
  • Designed specifically for power hitters
  • Improvement to the Axe handle is outstanding


  • Not the best for contact hitters
  • Axe handle takes time to get used to for newcomers

7. Stinger Nuke 2 BBCOR baseball bat

A powerful bat through and through, the Stinger Nuke 2 is perfect for power hitters. Without any breaking in, the bat can launch balls out of the ballpark with ease.

Everything is designed for power, meaning it is for a very specific type of player.

Made entirely of one piece of alloy, the end-loaded swingweight allows the hitter to whip the barrel through the strike zone. Hitting the ball far has never been easier with a consistent performer from Stinger.


  • Built specifically for power hitters
  • Comfortable contact
  • Easy to whip the barrel


  • Contact hitters won’t feel satisfied
  • Feels a little cheaper than other options

8. Marucci CAT9 Composite Pastime BBCOR baseball bat

This is a very solid and well-rounded bat for all types of hitters. It has a huge barrel, one of the best feels in the game, and lasts a long time. People do have to pay quite a bit of money to get this bat, but many think it’s worth the sticker price.

The bat instantly feels great in any hitter’s hands, as they will have the confidence to drive the ball to any field. Players can use it to their liking and not have to feel like they are compromising anything.

It’s a great overall option that many have been asking for over the years. They have only made some small tweaks to have it stand out in 2022.


  • Great technology
  • Creates high exit velocity on all types of hits
  • Keeps its pop for a while


  • Very expensive
  • Some would like it to be just a little stiffer

9. DeMarini The Goods BBCOR baseball bat

The final bat to make this list is DeMarini The Goods. It is very tough to find in stock these days with some poor inventory, but those who have feel like it performs at the highest of levels.

Exit velocity is high on this bat, and a lot of it comes down to stiffness and feel. Players feel like they don’t have to ease up at all if they are facing a tough pitcher. The bat will be able to absorb a lot of the sting, and the barrel’s big enough that solid contact is possible.

It might not be the most durable bat in the world, but people are paying for the high-performance when it’s pretty new. The most challenging thing at this point is finding the bat, but those who have it can’t stop saying enough nice things.


  • Outstanding exit velocity
  • Feels great in hands
  • Easy to resell if a person wants to


  • Durability isn’t the greatest
  • Very tough to find in stock

The Difference In a Great BBCOR Baseball Bat

There’s no doubt that a baseball player will notice a high-quality bat from something mediocre. There’s just no replacement in the industry. Inventory issues have caused some level of concern heading into the 2022 season, but companies are starting to pick back up after a couple of slow years due to COVID-19.

The best thing to do if possible is to try out different bats other teammates have currently. That will allow people to have a pretty good idea of what type of build they want, and other minor differences.

Picking out the right bat is a pretty big decision given the price, which is why it’s worth putting in the extra research beforehand.