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9 Best Golf Ball Brands

A golf ball is not simply a golf ball. Different brands offer different technologies, benefiting players’ accuracy, speed and distance. New versions are launched quite often with several improvements. There are several important components when looking at golf balls, which these brands aim to cover.

9 Best golf ball brands:

  • Titleist
  • Srixon
  • Callaway
  • TaylorMade
  • Bridgestone
  • Mizuno
  • Vice
  • Wilson
  • Volvik

1. Titleist

Titleist is one of the best golf ball brands, if not the best. It is also one of the most well-known brands among golfers. Among the different models, Titleist offers the Pro V1 model, which is used by many professional golfers that do not have custom-made balls.

The 2021 Pro V1 balls are designed to provide a longer distance and are made with the “Drop and Stop” technology. They come in two colors – yellow and white and have a three-piece construction. It has good short game control and is the best for longer distances.

This model is great for those with a slower swing speed. Although it is considered the best for professionals, it is also an excellent choice for golfers of all handicaps. However, it is an expensive choice and difficult to find good deals. For amateur golfers, the Titleist AVX may be a better choice.

Many experts agree that the 2021 Titleist Pro V1 is the most popular professional-quality golf ball for amateurs.

One of the reasons this specific model is so popular is that it tries to mimic the look and style of the balls used by pro golfers. It is one of the more serious competitors against other golf ball brands, especially for increased distance.


  • Excellent premium all-round performance
  • Good control into the greens
  • Longevity
  • Best choice for professional golfers


  • Expensive compared to similar balls

2. Srixon

Srixon is another big golf ball brand that offers various models for different purposes. For instance, the 2021 Z-Star model is designed for faster swingers. It is the seventh generation of Srixon Z-Star balls, with a 0.6mm cover.

This Srixon ball is spin-friendly, especially for the short game. The technology used here is the SeRM – the macromolecule Slide-Ring – which sits on the ball’s cover and involves a moveable cross-link. This adds to the toughness of Srixon balls, as the shape of the ball goes back to normal more than other balls.

The Q-Star Tour 3 is another excellent Srixon ball, aimed to be golfers looking for a maximum spin in the air but good stopping power on the green. The coating is called the “Spin Skin” with the specific urethane coating with flexible molecular bonds from Srixon.

Some of their balls can be used on Tour level, whereas others are more suitable for those just starting. This aspect makes them a versatile brand with many options for all players.


  • Tough balls, able to withstand lots of damage
  • High levels of spin
  • Value for money


  • It may not be so beneficial for slow-swinging players.

3. Callaway

Callaway is a premium golf ball brand well-known in the golfing community. The Chrome Soft X is an excellent high-quality choice for long-distance shots. The 2022 model has a four-piece construction and is a version that can accommodate players of all levels.

One of the technologies in this model is the Elastic SoftFast Core which offers a combination of a high launch off the tee with not too much spin. This technology results in an excellent distance, making it one of the ideal balls for extra distance.

This ball has an extremely thin outer core with a large inner core. This design helps to increase the ball’s speed. The Chrome Soft model has other variations, including the X and the X LS. It is an expensive ball; however, some argue that it is actually affordable for such a premium performance.


  • Great for extra distance
  • Strong and thin material – graphene
  • Good all-round performance
  • Players on all levels of golf can benefit from it


  • Expensive as it is a premium ball

4. TaylorMade

TaylorMade is another big name in the golf industry. They have a range of balls, including the 2021 TP5 and the 2021 TP5X balls. The former is an excellent choice for long distances. It consists of a five-piece construction and is available in white and yellow.

The TP5X uses an innovative dimple pattern for ball flight improvement and has a five-layer construction for a softer feel. The softness of the ball refers to how the ball lands and grabs. This feature means it will be launched with good compression; however, it won’t bounce skyward when the launch ends.

The TP5X is also celebrity endorsed, as Rory Mcllroy uses it. It feels firmer than the TP5, is comparatively a bit faster, and has a better launching feel. As with all the other top golf brands, much research and development go into making these balls.

Some models, like the TaylorMade Distance+, are an outstanding value, much less than similar range products from other popular brands. These balls come in at an affordable price and are very durable.

As the name suggests, the Distance+ was created for that extra distance, especially for players for can benefit from a few extra yards. There is also low-drag aerodynamics involved, which also helps with improved speed.


  • Best for all-round game improvement and performance
  • Stable in windy conditions
  • Speed-Layer System for additional ball speed


  • Primarily beneficial for faster swing speeds
  • Too much spin from the TP5X for some golfers

5. Bridgestone

Another brand that is ideal for golf balls is Bridgestone. Their 2022 Tour B RXS model has a three-piece construction and an incredible tee-to-green performance. Very good stability in the wind and is best for golfers with driver swing speeds specifically under 105 mph.

Bridgestone balls are appealing and give a great feel off the putter. The Tour B RXS model also provides a long distance off the tee. Some models offer a Reactiv Urethane cover which helps the ball react to the different club faces and each shot.

Notably, this offers excellent performance and flexibility to players, especially those learning the game of golf. The 2022 version of the Tour B X ball has the Reactiv iQ technology, a smart cover technology that reacts even better with a ball and club impact.

Bridgestone balls are suitable for players with an intermediate handicap. They maximize driver distance with their cover technology. Some reviews state that the Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls are one of the best tour balls available.


  • Best performance for moderate swing speeds
  • Stable in wind
  • Greenside control


  • Not ideal for fast swingers
  • Not the best for those wanting less spin

6. Mizuno

The Mizuno brand is better known for its golf clubs, but they are actually also among the best brands for golf balls. The Mizuno RB Tour balls are one of the best options for windy conditions.

These balls are very stable and have a particularly penetrating flight. This ball has been released recently and has a high-performance rate for a relatively reasonable cost.

This model offers a low driver spin and is a good option for more downward attack angles. The related but newer version, RB Tour X, provides a mid to low driver spin to handle flatter to upward attack angles.

The RB Tour X is one of those balls that aims to do everything well and not focus on one aspect in particular. It is in close competition with other tour-level golf balls but slightly more unique due to its dimple design.

Mizuno designed the C-Dimple to make more trigger points for faster air flow close to the ball’s surface. If this is continuous, the drag will decrease, strengthening the trajectory.

The Mizuno RB 566V model is one of the best for hooking and slicing. It has titular 566 micro-dimples to decrease aerodynamic drag on the ball and optimize the spin rate. These balls have been designed to travel longer distances with the best accuracy possible.


  • Best for windy conditions
  • Good accuracy and distance


  • Wedge shots from RB Tour are not as responsive as others.

7. Vice

The Vice brand for golf balls is not as well-known as several other golf ball brands. They don’t have a longstanding reputation like Titleist or Callaway. However, some of their models are listed as the best for various reasons, and they are value for money.

Vice Golf has different ball versions and coverings that appeal to all players with varying handicaps. The goals are also different depending on distance, spin and landings.

The Vice Pro Plus golf ball is considered one of the best value premium balls. It has a four-piece construction and comes in three colors – white, yellow, and red.

This ball has a HESC (High Energy Speed Core) designed for high ball speeds and longer driver distances. The construction consists of 336 large dimples to provide a stable trajectory. The Vice balls also have an S2TG technology (stick to the green) which helps provide good control levels.

However, because of slightly less control around the greens, high handicap players can get longer distances, but low handicap players may struggle with shot-making. The Vice Pro Soft golf balls are one of the best for longer distances. It compresses a bit more on impact. 

The Pro Soft has been designed with serious amateurs in mind who have a medium to fast swing speed. According to Vice, this is the first matte-finished cast urethane golf ball ever made due to the silicate particles in the lacquer. This covering provides an anti-glare effect and increases its visibility significantly.


  • Great value for a premium ball
  • Increased visibility


  • Not too beneficial for fast swing speeds
  • A bit more difficult to control around the green
  • Good value for the Vice Pro ball

8. Wilson

Although more popular in other sports like tennis, Wilson is a great brand for beginners or average golf players. For instance, the Staff 50 Elite model is a great beginner golf ball. They are perfect for those starting with golf as they are more affordable.

This model provides golfers with a simple design, including a rubber core for more compression and distance.

However, some models, such as the Wilson Staff DUO Professional, are designed for better players. These balls are considered tour quality and offer increased accuracy, speed, and a consistent spin.

These balls have a matte finish which is supposed to have a lower flight trajectory when the club contacts the ball with more spin.

The Wilson Staff Model R offers excellent grip around the greens. It has a matte finish which not all golfers like, but it is good if you prefer more grip around the greens and are practicing a lot of chips.

The Staff Model R is unpainted because Wilson claims that the paint on golf balls can be inconsistent; therefore, one dimple may have more paint than another, influencing the way the ball moves. Besides the paint, this ball has everything else that the other premium balls offer in their designs.

The downside is that the ball’s durability decreases over time in terms of appearance. However, this shouldn’t affect performance, but it may bug players who are particular about aesthetics.


  • Affordable
  • Great for beginners
  • Good all-round performance


  • Some models, like the unpainted ones, discolor quickly
  • Matte balls can look dirty
  • Lower durability

9. Volvik

The brand, Volvik, also makes a range of golf balls. They may not be as popular as other brands, but they still deliver quality golf balls.

The Volvik S4 model is one of their white balls, which is surprising considering they are specifically known for their bright and fluorescent colors. These golf balls are chosen for a reason – they are tough to lose.

The Volvik S4 was created for players that have a faster swing speed, about 105 mph and above.

These colorful balls are called the Volvik Vivids. Players cannot miss these balls unless they hit them in the water. This model is also best for tour performance.

The weight of the ball feels slightly heavier than any other average ball. However, this was incorporated into the design so that stronger players could use their faster speed and strength more precisely.


  • A good option for faster swing speeds
  • Designed to be found, even in long grass and in the woods


  • The fluorescent colors are not for everyone
  • Not always available at pro shops