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9 Best Wood Bats

The wood bat a player chooses can determine their success at the plate. As with everything, some bats are better than others. With that in mind, it is important for players to understand which wood bats are the best.

This guide serves as a comprehensive guide for players in the market for a new bat. It will help players understand the price point, the description of the bat, and the bat’s pros and cons. Here are the 9 best wood bats. 

1. Louisville Slugger MLB Prime C271 Maple Wood Bat

The Louisville Slugger MLB Prime C271 Maple Wood bat is one of the most popular bats on the market. Crafted from maple wood, the bat is built with durability in mind. 

The Louisville Slugger MLB Prime C271 features a medium sized handle and barrel. The handle and barrel’s size improves the player’s ability to control the bat through the strike zone. The hard wood sets the stage for a bat with advance control and increased exit velocity on batted balls.

Players who want to feel in control of their swing, but still produce strong power numbers, should consider this option. This bat is great for any contact hitter or a player with strong all-around hitting skills. 


  • Balanced feel
  • Increased exit velocity


  • Price

2. Rawlings MM8PL Manny Machado Maple Wood Bat

San Diego Padres’ infielder Manny Machado is considered one of the best all-around hitters in the game today. With great control of the strike zone, he balances power and contact. The Rawlings MM8PL Manny Machado Maple Wood bat was built with that player profile in mind. 

The bat features a drop 3 length to weight ratio, making this the perfect option for a player with balance in mind. It also includes wood saver technology that ensures the weight does not change in different climates.

This is a lifesaver for anyone who has dealt with this issue before. Players no longer have to worry about how their bat will perform from game to game. 

Any player who implements both contact and power in their swing should consider the Rawlings MM8PL. 


  • Balanced feel
  • Made for both contact and power hitters
  • Performance not impacted by climate


  • Not suited for pure power or pure contact hitters

3. Victus J24 Pro Reserve Maple Bat 

The Victus J24 Pro Reserve Maple bat is considered the most balanced bat produced by the manufacturer. It features a slightly flared knob. This allows hitters to have a comfortable resting spot for their bottom hand. This model also includes a medium-sized handle and barrel, creating the perfect balanced feel. 

The Victus J24 Pro Reserve maple bat is one of the better options for players transitioning from a metal to a wood bat.

With a similar feel, the same level of comfort will be there. In turn, this reduces the time needed to make the adjustment from one to the other.  

Players who consider themselves contact hitters, but want more power in their game, should consider this wood bat. 


  • Comfortable resting spot for bottom hand
  • Eases transition from metal to wood bat


  • Price
  • Not suited for pure power hitters

4. Victus HD28 Grit Matte Maple Wood Bat

The Victus HD28 Grit Matte Maple Wood bat is made to increase the maximum distance a batter can hit a ball. The bat is crafted from the same wood as the Victus Pro Line of wood bats. This ensures the same high-end response on batted balls. Victus also claims that the matte finish allows for more backspin on batted balls. 

The Victus HD28 features a medium-sized handle and barrel, yet again creating a balanced feel for the hitter. The slight-end loaded feel also produces more power behind each swing. 

Players who are considered contact hitters, but value power in their game should consider this option. It is also the perfect bat for a player who wants to feel balanced when at the plate. 


  • Made for contact hitters seeking more power
  • Produces more backspin on batted balls


  • Not suited for pure power hitters

5. B45 Birch Wood Bat

This model from B45 is the best birch wood bat on the market. It is the bat of choice for many Major League Baseball Players. Made from Canadian yellow birch wood, this bat has the durability of a maple wood bat, but the flex of an ash wood bat. 

B45 bats are known for having their performance perform over time. The more often they are used, the faster the ball’s exit velocity is when coming off the bat. Unlike other bats, players do not sacrifice durability by using this lightweight bat. Often, lightweight bats are less durable, but not in this instance. 

The B45 Birch Wood bat is the perfect option for players who want a lightweight, hard-hitting bat that is built to last. 


  • Best birch wood bat on market
  • Performance improves over time
  • Durable


  • Price

6. Old Hickory MT27 Mike Trout Maple Wood Bat

Los Angeles Angels’ outfielder Mike Trout is considered a generational talent. So, why would other players not want to emulate him? The Old Hickory MT27 Maple Wood Bat is one of the most popular bats in Old Hickory’s lineup. 

This bat’s standard knob leads to a short tapered handle that creates an elongated barrel. This makes for a longer sweet spot on the bat. The longer sweet spot is perfect for players who want to improve their all-around hitting performance. 

The Old Hickory MT27 is recommended for all players. Both power and contact hitters can expect their performance to improve when using this bat. 


  • Longer sweet spot
  • Perfect for all-around hitters
  • Improves player’s performance


  • Price
  • Short handle

7. Louisville RA13 Ronald Acuna Jr. Maple Wood Bat

Atlanta Braves’ outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. is another rising star in Major League Baseball. The Louisville RA13 Ronald Acuna Jr. Maple Wood Bat is made with his explosive hitting ability in mind. 

The flared knob leads to a much thicker handle than most wood bats have. The handle’s thickness resembles that of a metal bat. With a thicker handle, the bat is easier to control.

This is perfect for any power hitter who wants to control his swing better. With an above-average barrel size, contact hitters will have more control, and more pop, in their swing. 

Louisville bats are also well-known for their longevity and durability. Overall, the Louisville RA13 maple wood bat is the perfect choice for any player. 


  • Thicker handle
  • Resembles the dimensions of a metal bat
  • Perfect for a controlled swing
  • Durable


  • Price

8. Chandler AJ99 Aaron Judge Maple Wood Bat

New York Yankees’ outfielder Aaron Judge is a feared and prolific power hitter. To achieve the success he has had, he uses the Chandler AJ99 Maple Wood Bat. Much like the Old Hickory MT27, the Chandler AJ99 features one of the longest sweet spots in the game. 

A standard knob leads into a short handle with above average thickness. The handle tapers off quickly, leading to an elongated barrel. This maximizes the bat’s potential to produce impactful hits upon contact. 

For any players who are considered a top tier power hitter, the Chandler AJ99 is a great choice. Players can expect to produce more impactful hits while taking their power game to the next level. 


  • Long sweet spot
  • Perfect for top-tier power hitters
  • Durable


  • Price
  • Not a good option for contact hitters
  • Short handle

9. Victus TATIS23 Fernando Tatis Jr. Maple Wood Bat

San Diego Padres’ infielder Fernando Tatis Jr. is one of the most exciting and talented young stars in Major League Baseball. His bat of choice, the Victus TATIS23 Maple Wood Bat, is built with power and performance in mind. 

This maple bat is end loaded, perfect for extra-base hits. It features a flared knob, medium sized handle and a large barrel.

In addition to its specs, the bat has a glossy, galaxy shaded gray finish with a grit flame handle. Not only will a player have success with this bat, they will look good while doing it. 

This bat is intended for players who consider themselves to be power hitters and are seeking to maximize that ability. 


  • Large barrel
  • Flared knob provides comfortable resting spot
  • Sleek design
  • Suited for power hitters


  • Price
  • End loaded
  • Not suited for contact hitters

Final Thoughts

Overall, a lot goes into selecting the perfect bat. The feel of the bat, barrel size, handle size, and type of knob play a vital role in determining whether the bat is a good fit. Depending on a player’s hitting style, one style of bat might be better than another. 

For a pure power hitter, the Chandler AJ99 is the best fit. For a contact hitter, either bat from Victus should do the trick.

Hitters who pride themselves on being a great all-around hitter should go with either the Rawlings MM8PL or the Old Hickory MT27. The B45 birch wood bat is a sleeper selection as it features the durability of a maple wood bat, but the flex of a bat made from ash wood.