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9 Reasons Why Basketball Is The Best Sport In The World

Now, basketball is only surpassed by soccer as far as team sports popularity around the world. It is played in all corners of the globe, and it seems only to get more and more popular as time goes on. For some, they believe basketball is the best sport in the world. What are some ways to justify that? Here is a closer look at a few of the main reasons.

1. Inexpensive To Play

Basketball has the reputation of being a very welcoming sport for people of all walks of life. Instead of having to invest a ton of money into equipment and space, all a person needs to do is find a way to have access to a basketball. There are public courts around all over the world, and that means people can play at any level. Many pro players get their start shooting around on local rims near their home and fall in love.

Buying a basketball might seem like a pretty significant investment in an underdeveloped country, but most people end up finding a way. This is one of the main reasons why soccer is also very popular these days, as access is one of the best ways to grow a game.

2. Many Variations Are Possible

Players can get lost in doing basketball training by themselves if they wish. There is also an opportunity to play one on one basketball, all the way up to five on five basketball. These variations allow players to not only work on different areas of their game, but also make do with what is available.

Go to any local park, and there are usually players who are just playing in a game that is a far cry from a standard set up. Even playing games with an odd number of people can work, as players take turns going up against the defenders when it is their turn to have the ball. In smaller settings, players tend to work on individual skills more, and that can help them when it is 5 on 5 action as well.

3. Adjustable Rims

Some players out there fall in love with basketball, even if it is not played on a regulation rim. In fact, it could be just as exciting for younger players to play on a smaller rim because they can mimic what they see on television.

The harsh reality for basketball fans is that it is a sport that relies on impressive height and athleticism to play at the highest level. The vast majority of people can’t pull off even a simple dunk on a regulation rim, and they certainly can’t do anything spectacular. When they have a lower rim, it makes it more exciting.

From adjustable rims that look much like the real thing to rims put up inside a home, people can have fun with something a little smaller. It is also a great way to learn the game and not be overwhelmed by a 10-foot rim being next to impossible to reach.

4. Athletes Are Extremely Marketable

Out of the major team sports around the world, basketball players get an opportunity to be among the most marketable. It helps that players do not wear anything over their face or head during a game, so everyone knows what the top players look like even if they have not been around for a while. Even those people who do not watch a lot of basketball will know the icons of the sport, because they market them in so many different ways.

Think about the most recognizable athletes around the world right now in any sport. A lot of people will identify the top soccer and basketball players, but sports like baseball, hockey, and even football are sometimes tricky. Being able to quickly recognize people without having to say their name helps with marketability so much. When the younger generation sees these players in other situations, they associate them with that brand. These players are responsible for growing the game to the way that it has turned into these days.

5. Players Can Specialize In Certain Aspects Of The Game

Not all players are created equally when it comes to basketball. Although some guys can seemingly do it all, there are role players capable of playing at a high-level at any point by doing what they do best.

A player who can play defense and rebound consistently is going to be a valuable asset for any team. A player who can knock down open shots and be in the right position on the court when the balls pass them is also valuable. It generally helps to be taller, but there are players of all shapes and sizes who have had success at the highest of levels.

6. Easy To Learn

The basic concept of basketball is pretty easy to learn, even if a person has never played their life. Shooting the basketball can happen in many different variations, but players always find a way to make it work.

Dribbling might seem a little complicated, but most people can get some semblance of dribbling down within a few minutes. It becomes more complicated when people are guarding, and people need to move around, but it is a fairly easy concept to learn from the beginning.

Just sitting around and having some enjoyment with basketball is what matters to a lot of people. When that is the case, it is pretty easy to figure it all out in the end.

7. Bonding Over Basketball

No other sport is easier to randomly go out and try to find someone else to play with. Most of the time, people are not going to be that willing to play in major sports with strangers. Pick up basketball is pretty standard all over the world these days, and merely asking can get a game going.

Believe it or not, this helps to grow the sport considerably. People are always looking for something to do, even if the goal is to burn some calories and get in better shape.

8. It Allows People To Stay In Shape

As mentioned above, a lot of people will go out to their local basketball court and try to see if they can find a game. While bonding over basketball is one thing, the reason why people play at an older age is to stay in shape. It is a great all-body workout for people to get into, and it does not take that much effort.

The vast majority of people do not like to work out unless there is some purpose. If basketball is fun, it does not feel as much like a real workout. It is instead something that people can enjoy while also giving their body the work it needs.

9. The Drama Around Pro basketball Can Be As Exciting As The Game

From a fan perspective, the NBA has turned into a global league. The action is exciting, but there are a lot of people who get caught up in all of the drama surrounding it as well. It can feel like a reality show in some ways, as players are shifting teams, complaining about others, and so much more.

Trades and free agency happen in all team sports, but they have the most impact in basketball. It makes sense, as one or two players moving to another team can completely change the look of a franchise.