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What Bat Does Mike Trout Use?

Every young baseball player wants to emulate their favorite player. They want the same batting stance. The same bat. One of the most popular baseball players today is Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout. To follow in his footsteps, everyone wants to know, what bat does Mike Trout use?

What Bat Does Mike Trout Use? Mike Trout has always used bats produced by Old Hickory. When he plays, he uses the J143. However, the bat that is sold in stores, labeled the Mike Trout model, is the MT27. When sold in retail stores, an asterisk is displayed next to the MT27 because that bat is closer to the T141 model. 

Now that we know the basics, let us break down each model. 

Old Hickory J143

The Old Hickory J143 has a medium sized-barrel. It tapers rapidly down to a thin handle. Due to the length of the barrel, the bat has a large sweet spot. This is perfect for a decorated hitter like Mike Trout. No wonder he prefers this model. 

Originally, this was his namesake model available for sale. Old Hickory sold it under the model, J143M. In the last few years, the branding switched to MT27. Along with this switch, the design of the bat changed slightly. Some say it is closer to the next model on the list, the Old Hickory T141. 

With Mike Trout’s gameday bat covered, let us turn our attention to the Old Hickory MT27. This is the retail model of Mike Trout’s bat. 

Old Hickory MT27

Mike Trout’s gameday bat is not the same bat that is sold at retailers. The retail model is the MT27. 

The Old Hickory MT27 is crafted from high quality maple. One of the desired features from this model is its barrel. The design of the barrel creates a balanced weight swing. This is a desired feature for elite hitters, like Mike Trout, who want consistent results. This model is known as the Mike Trout model and is marketed as his line of bats.

On some models, an asterisk is placed by the model number because it is cut closer to a T141 model. The main difference between these models is the barrel length and size. The game used J143 has a longer barrel, larger sweet spot and shorter taper. Still, this bat produces similar results to the J143. 

To clear up any confusion about the differences, let us explore the profile that the MT27 is cut from. That is the Old Hickory T141. 

Old Hickory T141

The Old Hickory T141 is a type of profile that bats are cut to. It features a medium barrel, medium taper and a straight knob. This lends itself to a balanced bat, perfect for elite hitters. 

This profile slightly differs from the original Mike Trout line, J143M as its barrel length is slightly shorter. In addition, the taper is longer. Still, it provides a balanced swing, a must-have for Mike Trout–and anyone wanting to emulate his performance. 

With an understanding of all these different bats, let us find out what model bat Mike Trout actually uses. 

Which Model Bat Does Mike Trout Actually Use?

Again, this is complicated. The bat Mike Trout actually uses in games is the J143. This is known for its long barrel and large sweet spot. Originally, this exact bat was sold under the model, J143M as his namesake bat. 

At some point, his retail model switched to the MT27. While still similar, the MT27 is cut closer to a T141 profile. This means that the barrel is shorter and the sweet spot smaller when compared to his gameday bat. When shopping at a retailer, a customer will notice an asterisk by the model number on these bats.