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What Bats Do MLB Players Use?

MLB is the highest-level of competitive baseball in the world. This is the second-most profitable sporting league in the United States and is among the most popular sports in North America.

The players in this pro league are among the best athletes in the world, and they have the best equipment at their disposal. For this reason, many baseball fans wonder what bats players in MLB use.

MLB players mostly use bats made from maple and produced by Victus, Marucci, and Louisville Slugger. Some players prefer bats made from ash or birch, and there are players who prefer bats made by other brands. All MLB bats are wooden by regulation, and all MLB bats are available for purchase.

The bats that are used in baseball are carefully designed and built explicitly for the best possible performance on the field.

These bats are the best available, and every player chooses their specific bat based on what works best for them. Let’s explore the bats and brands used in modern Major League Baseball.

What Bats Do Major League Baseball Players Use?

Major League Baseball players use a wide variety of bats, and many players use bats that are specifically designed for them. The wide range of bats used in the league leaves many fans wondering what bats the players use.

All MLB players use wooden bats for professional games in the Major League. Aluminum bats are not permitted in Major League Baseball, as they put defending infielders at risk due to the high ball speeds that these bats can produce.

Using wooden bats in MLB prevents these high ball speeds that can potentially injure other players, but they are also significantly less expensive to manufacture, and they are far cheaper to replace when a player breaks their bat.

Most Major League Baseball bats are made from maple wood. This wood is high-density, which means that it is much less likely to break or crack than other woods, but it also means that the bat is less flexible, and the players are more able to transfer more power from the bat to the ball, resulting in better hits.

Around 70% of Major League bats are made from maple, as the players prefer the feel and power of these bats.

Maple bats can be heavier than other wooden bats if they absorb moisture, but most MLB players have many bats at their disposal, which means that discarding a heavy bat is not a problem for these players, as it is for amateur players.

The rest of the bats used in the Major League are made from ash and birch wood. Ash wood is the original material used for standard baseball bats, and many players prefer these bats for their increased flexibility and faster bat swing speeds.

Birch wood bats are flexible and durable, but they are soft and are easily damaged by balls compared to other bats. However, these bats are seen as a good middle-ground between ash and maple bats, as they have good bat speed due to flexibility, but they can hot hard because they are unlikely to break.

What Baseball Bat Brands Are Used In MLB?

We have established that most MLB players use maple bats, and the rest use ash and birch bats, but several bat brands are used in Major League Baseball, and fans often wonder which bat brands their favorite players are using. Let’s identify the most popular bat brands in MLB.

The Brand Of Baseball Bats Used In MLB Include:

  • Marucci
  • Louisville Slugger
  • Victus
  • Old Hickory
  • Dove Tail
  • Eastern
  • Wilson
  • B45
  • Chandler
  • Sam Bat
  • Tucci Lumber
  • Homewood Bats
  • SSK
  • Max Bats
  • Tater
  • Asics
  • Cooperstown Bats
  • Dinger Bats
  • Rawlings
  • Trinity
  • Birdman Bats
  • Mizuno
  • Overfly
  • Zinger
  • SR
  • Warstic
  • BWP

The three most popular bat brands used in MLB are Victus, Marucci, and Louisville Slugger. All of these bat brands are considered to be among the very best in the world, and they make up the large majority of baseball bats used in the Major League.

Victus is known for making high-quality, well-designed bats that use custom color schemes and graphic designs. These bats are used by many of the younger players in MLB and are becoming more widely used in the league overall.

In 2021, Victus was the third-most-used bat brand in MLB, but in 2022 it will be the most-used brand used by MLB players by a large margin.

Marucci baseball bats are some of the most used bats in the league. This company is well-known for producing outstanding signature bats for specific players.

These bats perform at a very high level compared to similar bats from other brands because Marucci works closely with the best players to develop them.

These bats go on to be used by several other players in MLB apart from the players who helped develop them.

Louisville Slugger baseball bats are the only official bats of Major League Baseball. Louisville produces an extensive range of bats that are used by many players, as there is a Louisville slugger bat available for all types of players. Some of the greatest players in MLB history proudly used Louisville Slugger bats.

Why Do MLB Players Use These Bats?

There are more than 30 baseball bat companies that are permitted to provide bats to MLB, but why do the payers tend to use only three of the brands available to them?

Major League Baseball players are all required to use wooden bats during professional games. Wooden baseball bats are not like aluminum baseball bats, and require high-level craftsmanship to produce well at a consistently high level.

The reason why most players in MLB choose to use bats from the top three bat producers in the industry is simply because these are the best wooden bats made anywhere in the world. These bats are all high-performers, and they have been proven over many years to be very good on the field.

Player in MLB need the best possible bats to perform at their best on the field, and they will always choose the bats that are the highest quality, the best performing, the most consistent, and the most reliable.


Major League Baseball players tend to use wooden baseball bats made with maple wood, and most players use bats made by Victus, Marucci, and Louisville Slugger. Some players use bats made by other companies, and about 30% of players use bats made from ash or birch wood rather than maple.

The bats used by these players are the best in the world for the sport, and the players choose them based on how well they perform. These bats are all available to the public, and anyone ca buy the same bats used by Major League Baseball players.